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01/04/2021 - 10:03

Honouring traditional crafts of Hue and localities in the country

It was the content emphasized by Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Binh at the meeting with Hue City People's Committee on the afternoon of March 30 about the work of preparing the 9th Hue Traditional Craft Festival in 2021.

Many traditional craft villages of many localities are honoured through Hue Traditional Craft Festival. Photo: Linh Tue

Following the success of the 8 previous festivals, the City People's Committee continued to hold the 9th Hue Traditional Craft Festival in 2021 with the theme "The quintessence of Vietnamese crafts", from May 29 to June 26, 2021, informed by Vice Chairman of Hue City People's Committee, Deputy Head of the organizing committee of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2021 Truong Dinh Hanh in his report on the preparation of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2021. The festival is expected to have 18 programs and main events, together with 15 response activities; a part of the organization budget is from the city budget, the rest is mainly socialized.

Up to now, the scripts of main programs and response activities have basically been completed. Hue City People's Committee, the Organizing Committee of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2021, is currently promoting the implementation of the next contents, ensuring the defined progress. At the same time, the communication work on the mass media and social networks about the festival has been deployed, the sponsorship calls have been promoted...

At the meeting, Chairman of Hue City People's Committee, Head of the Organizing Committee of Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2021 Hoang Hai Minh said that this was the first festival held in a long time on a large scale, mainly mobilized from socialized sources, towards novelty and unique, creativity in design and style... Activities are mainly concentrated on the two banks of the Huong River and around Hue Imperial Citadel. The work of infrastructure preparation and parking lot is being deployed by the city in the spirit of ensuring security, traffic safety, environmental sanitation and urban beauty.

Concluding the work at the meeting, Vice Chairman Nguyen Thanh Binh praised Hue city for researching carefully and taking the initiative to propose options and plans to organize the Traditional Craft Festival on a large scale and oriented to creativity and novelty.

Mr. Binh emphasized that because this is a large-scale festival, the provincial leaders suggested that the city should focus on the program to be neat, very "refined", clearly showing that the main factor is the "traditional craft" in the festival, to honor the traditional crafts of Hue and other localities.

On the other hand, Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2021 must create conditions for artisans and craft villages to clearly show craft elements, promote their crafts in order to preserve and promote traditional craft values, to bring economic efficiency; thereby, promoting propaganda, creating a pervasive power to well promote the festival to partners, friends, visitors near and far and the people; and continue to affirm that Hue Traditional Craft Festival is a trademark festival of Hue city.

By Thanh Huong