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18/12/2019 - 14:55

Hue boy wins high prize at an international music competition in Russia

Cao Dinh Thang, a Hue student studying at the Department of Music Composition at Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Moscow State Conservatory (Russian Federation), has excellently triumphed over many other contestants to win the third prize in the "Composition" category at an international music competition named “Golden Talents”. The competition was held in the Russian city of Orenburg.

Cao Dinh Thang (first, right) at the award ceremony. Photo: C.T

Thang’s work, entitled “Những ngày mùa đông” (“Winter days”) on the piano, was highly appreciated by the competition’s Council of Examiners and awarded the third prize. “I was surprised and happy. At first, I thought that I only sent the work to the competition to challenge myself, as many authors competed in this competition. It was fortunate for me that there were only three works in the “Composition” category selected to the second round, including my work,” Thang said with joyful voice.

This music competition is open to candidates between the ages of 18 and 27, who are students at musical and arts schools, and academies. There are three categories in the competition, including the Violin, the Cello, and Composition categories.

Previously, at the end of 2018, Thang also excellently won the third prize at the fifth Russian Festival for wind instrument orchestras and wind instrument soloists. In May 2019, Thang won the first prize in the Music Composing Competition in the framework of the 15th Slavic Music Festival. In November 2019, he was approved by the Moscow Musicians' Association to attend and perform at the "Moscow Fall" International Music Festival, one of the biggest music festivals in the Russian Federation.

The 24-year-old student, Cao Dinh Thang, has had the passion for music and studied it from his early age. He thinks that the way to the country of Russia is the journey to reach out to the world, to look for the connection with the world, which is also the way to bring Vietnamese music closer to global music lovers. Thang is currently a fourth-year student at the Department of Music Composition, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory.

By P. Thanh