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08/09/2019 - 07:33

Hue Central Hospital: Affirming its unique brand name

With modern facilities, equipment and qualified human resources, Hue Central Hospital (HCH) recently achieved a breakthrough being one of the leading hospitals for medical examination and treatment in Vietnam and worldwide.

Corneal transplantation, bringing light to the blind at Hue Central Hospital

The miracle of the "trans-Vietnam" heart transplantation

During the previous period of time, Hue Central Hospital continuously affirmed its expertise through cases of "trans-Vietnam" heart transplantations, creating a miracle in the organ transplantation in Vietnam.

The first "trans-Vietnam" heart transplantation was performed for patient named T.T., (Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province) with end-stage heart failure on May 16, 2018. Only one month after, the second transplantation was done for P.V.C., (a 15 years old patient from Da Nang City) with cardiomyopathy, with life expectancy counted in days only.

These two cases are considered today fairy tales, capturing hearts of the whole country and were awarded certificates of merit by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc.

Recently, doctors of Hue Central Hospital continued to successfully carry out "trans-Vietnam" heart transplantation for patient named L.H.H. (36 years old, from Quang Ngai province). The patient received a heart from a brain-dead donor on August 15 of 108 Military Hospital (Hanoi). Right in the first night after the surgery, hemodynamic parameters were completely stable, with ejection fraction at 62%. The organ function, biochemical and hematological laboratory test values were within normal limits. After that, H.'s health recovered and improved.

It is worth mentioning that in most of these transplantations, the hearts of the brain-dead donors were at Viet-Duc University Hospital and 108 Military Central Hospital (Hanoi). The geographical distance was quite far, but in order for the heart to reach the recipient and to save his life, the teams of doctors on both sides have accompanied the "race" against time with nearly 900km of travelling by air from Hanoi to Da Nang; then going back to Hue by car, which was a significant challenge.

However, there were no error occurred, everything went smoothly and successfully, beyond expectations.

Dr. Tran Hoai An, Director of the Cardiovascular Center, head of the "trans-Vietnam" heart transplantation team of Hue Central Hospital shared that up to now, Hue Central Hospital has successfully performed 5 cases of “trans-Vietnam” heart transplantation.

The challenge in "trans-Vietnam" heart transplantation is not losing time. As the "golden time" of the heart when removed from the human body can only be around 6 hours. If the heart transporting process went wrong, the whole heart would become meaningless.

Therefore, doctors and nurses of Hue Central Hospital and Viet-Duc University Hospital or 108 Military Central Hospital always bear in mind to have a backup plan, to ensure safe organ transfer, to "revive" the life of patients.

P.V.C., (the patient) and mom shared the joy with Prof. Pham Nhu Hiep with the establishment of the Centre for Organ Transplantation of Hue Central Hospital.

P.V.C., one of the five patients with a "trans-Vietnam" heart transplantation at Hue Central Hospital, about a year ago, is now a healthy young man. Recently, when joining the establishment of the Centre for Organ Transplantation of Hue Central Hospital with his mom, P.V.C., burst into tears when seeing the doctors here again.

C. said: "I always see Hue Central Hospital as my benefactor. The doctors and nurses here have brought me to life the second time."

Gaining patients’ trust

In addition to putting the name on the map of heart transplantation of Vietnam and the world, many Hue Central Hospital doctors have studied, conquered and routinely implemented various modern techniques, reducing the travelling distance and the cost for patients who previously had to go abroad to seek for treatment.

Typically, Hue Central Hospital has significantly developed in the field of 3D endoscopy to detect and treat gastric and colorectal cancers; conducting stem cell transplantation in the treatment for patients with severe traumatic brain injury; infertility treatment for couples by in vitro fertilization ... Recently, the hospital conducted corneal transplantations that brought light to 7 patients living in the dark for years.

Currently, although the human resources at Hue Central Hospital are capable of undertaking and conquering difficult and complex medical interventions, every year, the hospital actively sends dozens of officers and doctors to training programs in France, the United States, Italy, Japan .... The hospital also welcomed many international organizations and individuals to seminars, professional exchanges, scientific research and open short and long-term training courses in the fields of nephrology and organ transplant, radiology, cardiovascular, facial - odonto - stomatology, ophthalmology, hematology and blood transfusion, obstetrics, oncology, pediatric, anesthesiology and resuscitation, orthopedic and trauma, endoscopy, urology ... to build up a leading healthcare brand name in Vietnam as well as worldwide.

Hue Central Hospital is a hospital of special rank with more than 100 departments, divisions and 8 affiliated centers. Hue Central Hospital is recognized as a hospital for clinical practice training for medical doctors nationwide; in addition, many foreign students and doctors from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia are welcomed to conduct researches or to study every year.

Story, photos: Minh Van