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04/10/2018 - 08:19

Hue city connects with regions to strengthen tourist attraction capacity

Apart from the link “three localities – one destination”, recently, Hue has also added more new inter-regional links.

The cooperation to complete and support each other is indispensable factor in tourism development at present and in the future.

Cooperative exchange between Hue enterprises and G7 Group from Ho Chi Minh City in the middle of September 2018.


2018 is the 11th year that the link “three localities – one destination” including Hue – Da Nang – Quang Nam has been established. According to the assessment of Tourism Department’s leaders, the link has brought in many benefits. First of all is increasing resources, three localities can promote the joint tourism images to the new tourism markets in larger scales. Especially, the link has built joint tours, which has increased the attraction of the area.

According to tourism experts, in the new trend, the demand of tourists is more and more diverse. If each locality separates itself, their development will be affected. Therefore, the localities have to cooperate and supplement each other by advantageous products.

The farmtrip delegation of Hue tourism sector carries out a survey in Ha Long Bay

Recently, the tourism sector organized the farmtrip to northeastern provinces to build the association between localities. Mr. Nguyen Van Phu, Deputy Director of Tourism Department said that, to exploit the influx of domestic tourists in the North-east, Hue tourism sector has to promote regional connectivity, especially with Da Nang to exploit it together. Each locality has its own advantages, Hue’s advantages are culture and heritages, while Da Nang’s advantage is beach resorts. Meanwhile, through the need analysis, the Northeast tourists like both. Therefore, setting up supplemental tour will definitely be effective.

Hue – Quang Tri – Quang Binh is a new regional link which was signed in 2017. However, according to the assessment of Tourism sector, maybe because of the new cooperation, the efficiency, especially inter-regional join tours of the three localities has not been well exploited by enterprises. The new development prospect of inter-regional link of these three localities is very feasible. Especially, the regional link between Hue and Quang Binh with the tour of discovering cultural heritages and nature promises obvious attraction. At the same time, the combination of ecotourism and visiting historical relics in Quang Tri is also the supplement for heritage products. 

Besides surrounding localities, the link is also expanded in its geographical scope. That is to say the links of Southwest region, Northeast region and Northwest region or cross-country in the East–West Economic corridor between three countries Vietnam – Lao – Thailand were formed. In remote areas, in addition to the tours link, the link to support promoting, exploiting tourist markets of each other is practical benefit. According to the tourism sector of Hai Phong City, in order to attract Hue tourists, enterprises should open inter-regional tours with Ninh Binh, Ha Long, etc., so as to extend staying time, especially suitable for a 4 to 5-day trip.

Joint tourism brand name

The leaders of Tourism Department emphasize that the average time for each trip of tourists is 4 to 5 days. No matter how attractive the products are, it is very hard for a locality to keep tourists during that time. In Hue, expanding link will continue to be promoted in the coming time and focus on “key” products to make Hue become a prominent spot in regional links.

In term of regional link, the real efficiency just comes when enterprises cooperate together and built joint tours. According to Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thanh, Permanent Vice Chairman of Provincial Tourism Association, in tourism, the coorperation between enterprises brings in a huge efficiency such as improving marketing and promotion capacity. The Tourism Association will cooperate with state administration of tourism to actively provide a link to connect enterprises between localities.

Hue – Da Nang – Quang Nam is seemed as typical regional link of national tourism. However, it is easy to see that besides the tour “The Heritage Road in Central Vietnam”, there is not any joint tour to bring out regional tourism.

The link will bring in efficiency. However, there is an issue that has been dissected for a long time: there is always the competition in destination, and enterprises of each locality always give priority to their localities. To deal with this issue, it is requested a more active participation of local tourism regulators.

According to the tourism sectors of localities in northeastern region, the proportion of people wanting to travel to Hue is a lot. People who have been to Hue want to go to other localities. This pushes Hue tourism to renew itself and increase regional connectivity to attract tourists.

Story, photos: Duc Quang