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27/01/2019 - 16:15

Hue city displays cakes and jams for Tet

On the afternoon of January 26th, Hue Cultural Museum opened a display space for Hue’s cakes and jams for Tet (Lunar New Year).

The display space for Hue’s cakes and jams for Tet

In order to introduce the diversity and abundance of Hue culinary culture, the showroom displayed 13 kinds of traditional cakes and 14 traditional jams of Hue which were offered during Tet, and showcased ingredients, tools and processing of some types of cakes and jams.

With this exhibition space, viewers could see such familiar cakes of their childhood as banh kho no (dry crackers), banh hat sen (lotus seed cake), banh sen tan (ground lotus seed cake), banh thuan (cupcake), banh sam (ginseng cake), banh dua (pineapple cake), banh phuc linh (tapioca starch cake)... which were made by traditional processes.

This space also introduced traditional jams, among which a few now were not common, including: mut gung xam (puncturing crystallized ginger bulb jam), mut cam (orange jam), mut san (cassava jam), mut dau trang (white bean jam), mut khoai deo (sweet potato jam), mut san day (kudzu jam), mut dua (pineapple jam)…

Tet jams and cakes were mostly shaped by skillful hands of Hue women. Each type of cake and jam had a unique processing method which was elaborate from choosing raw materials to meticulous processing.

The display space aimed at adding more flavor to the atmosphere of Tet holidays, while contributing to restoring and promoting the exquisite and unique value of Hue culinary culture.

Below are photos of some traditional cakes and jams showcased at the display space by Thua Thien Hue Online:

Banh hat sen (Lotus seed cake) – a traditional cake used by Hue’s people to offer to ancestors and treat guests during Tet holidays.

Banh bo mut (rolled jam-cake) – a cake that is made from crushed jams, is almost lost in the current lives

Colourful banh goi (pillow shaped cakes)

Mut dua (pineapple jam)

Mut cam sanh (orange jam) is a traditional jam in Hue city that was originated from the Royal family, but is now almost lost.

Mut khoai deo (sweet potato jam) is a salvage from gardens: potatoes, peanut and molasses.

A corner for making (Tet) sticky rice cake

Viewers are capturing unique cakes and jams for Tet holidays

Story and photos: Minh Hien