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12/09/2017 - 07:27

Hue City: Synchronization and utility

Recently, To Huu Street (opposite the Hue Civic Administration Center), the section from Ha Huy Tap street to Phat Lat Bridge, was paved with asphalt, contributing to improving Hue infrastructure.

Many projects completed

By the end of September 2017, the project to renovate and expand To Huu Street will be completed after more than two years of implementation. This has been the lengthiest project for the road system because many items had to wait for connection from the construction of drainage sewer system of the Hue City Water Environment Improvement Project.  

Hue city increasingly synchronized infrastructure

Along with the above mentioned key project, the project of upgrading the Western Quarter along the Chu Van An - Pham Ngu Lao - Vo Thi Sau route has also basically been completed with the expansion of the pavements, road beds, and underground telecommunication cables. Some work items related to trees, electricity, etc., were also completed in September this year, so that the Hue City People's Committee can launch a pedestrian street project.

Another project that many people are interested in is the project to embellish Tan Mieu and Vo Sanh lakes (they are among the lake system of the inner city of Hue). Construction began in mid-May and is expected to be completed later this year. With these two lakes, in addition to building stone embankments to keep the lakes from subsidence and opening the flow of water, HEPCO also invested a lighting system, green trees and also walking paths around the lakes for people to enjoy walking during summer days. The project has a total investment of 730,000 euros, of which two SIAAP and AIMF French organizations fund 510,000 euros and the rest is the reciprocal capital of Hue City.

Removing the fence, expanding and paving the new pavement for Tran Hung Dao Park and improving Le Duan Park are also highly appreciated to create a new softness for Hue City, clearing the distance between the street, the park and the river shore.  

Not only beautiful but also useful

Some other renovation projects will also be completed in 2017, such as the pavement renovation of Le Loi Street, the section from Hung Vuong Street to Doi Cung Street in the 3/2 Park, the lighting system for Pham Van Dong Street and many other roads...

Remaining construction items on To Huu Street are close to completion

City renovation does not only make Hue city more beautiful by synchronous infrastructure but also bring many conveniences, contributing to improving the quality of life for its people. In some neighborhoods, road renovation and enlargement also provide an opportunity to create jobs and improve sources of income for local people.

For example in the Western Quarter, after embellishment, Hue City will turn it to a pedestrian street on the weekend, starting from Friday night to Sunday night. Of course, it will be difficult to avoid some inconveniences, but what people will get would be much bigger, because all the sidewalks should be reserved for pedestrians, business and trades. Particularly, the façade families will make a lot of money by renting. That is not to mention that there are other benefits from the sidewalk, from the business services and business opportunities when the number of visitors is increased, not only with Western visitors but also guests from the Asian region and Vietnam.

When two Tan Mieu - Vo Sanh lakes are completed in the next summer, people living around the lakes will have nicer views with their strolls, instead of the sloppy scene and long encroachment. Of course, as the leaders of Hue City said on the day of commencement: management must accompany these new renovations to avoid the situation that some people encroach the lake shore for their food and drink business. In addition to creating a walkway, there will also be some benches for foot rests and some reserved areas for flower growing and sightseeing. Particularly, the water surface will be considered for bidding for service businesses. However, the business must be suitable with the local customs and traditions and must be environmentally friendly.

Some other city renovation projects such as repaving Le Loi Street, improving Le Duan Park, expanding some previous roads such as Dien Bien Phu, Dong Da, etc., create more favorable conditions for local businesses and improving life. Evidently, after street renovation on the above mentioned routes, tourism and business services are growing quite vibrantly. The price of renting the facade houses has also skyrocketed compared to before.

Urban renovation also contributes significantly to improving the tourism environment, promoting the development of the tourism industry and other services. Obviously, when transportation is convenient and the infrastructure of electricity, water, green trees, meet the needs of tourists, people will have the opportunity to invest in services such as restaurants, entertainment, accommodation, travel services, etc. In addition, it is not difficult to find quite a lot of new accommodation projects. Travel businesses have also exploited new tours, and many new hotels and restaurants have appeared…

Urban renovation is always Hue City’s first priority. Although resources are not plentiful, every year, the municipal governments allocate a certain amount of money for embellishment projects. Almost all of them are in the list of key projects. In the context that the authorities at all levels are striving to build a friendly and hospitable image of Hue City together with the synchronous investment in infrastructure, it is necessary to raise the awareness of citizens in the maintenance and assurance of urban civilization.

Story and photos: Tâm Huệ