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30/05/2019 - 16:44

Hue City to hold Kite Festival 2019 in the middle of June

From June 8 to 15, the Provincial Tourism Department will organize the Kite Festival 2019 with the theme "Honoring Hue Kite Art".

The Kite Festival 2019 gradually building the image of Hue - the capital city of festivals

The festival includes many activities such as art kite exhibitions; making and decorating kites; performing arts and fashion shows at Tu Tuong Park (Four Elephants Park). In particular, flying art kite performances will take place in Ngo Mon Square on the afternoons of June 8 and June 9.

Particularly, the art kite exhibition will last 7 days, including art kites arrangement and display; installation art exhibitions with content; performances of kite-maker artisans and the steps to make a complete kite ... In addition, the festival also has folk games, basic kite assembly competition, painting on kites competition with the theme "Childhood Dream".

Through the festivals, the tourism industry wishes to contribute to affirming the title ‘Hue - the Festival city of Vietnam’, gradually building the image of Hue - the capital city of festivals and bringing a cultural brand name into a well-known and powerful tourism brand name that attracts visitors. At the same time, the festivals contribute to diversifying activities for visitors during their experience and sightseeing tours in Hue.

By Duc Quang