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18/01/2020 - 16:29

Hue City wins ASEAN Clean Tourist Award 2020

Hue City, Vung Tau City and Quy Nhon City were honored to receive ASEAN Clean Tourist Awards 2020 at ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF) 2020.

Picking up trash while boating on the poetic Huong River

The award was presented in Brunei within the framework of the ATF 2020 on January 16.

ASEAN Clean Tourist Award is a noble award of ASEAN, contributing to honor and develop the brand names of cities, which have high quality tourism services in the region.

To be recognized as an "ASEAN Clean Tourist City", the cities must ensure seven criteria including common environmental management; clean streets; good management of waste and wastewater; authorities and communities are aware of environmental protection and keeping their streets clean; lots of green space; good conditions to ensure health safety, and urban security for visitors; as well as suitable and standard infrastructure and facilities for tourism, etc.

Story and photo: P.T