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16/11/2020 - 21:44

Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 "warms up" the Ancient Capital 

After several times being postponed due to natural disaster and the COVID-19 pandemic, Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 took place on the evening of November 15, at the Provincial Sports Center.

Hip-hop is a street art interested by young people

Due to the impact of the storm No. 13, the launch of Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 was moved to take place on the evening of November 15, instead of the evening of November 14 as planned. However, the festival had received the attention of many artists across the country who came to join in. Thousands of young audiences and visitors who are interested in hip-hop came to cheer the contestants and dance in the vibrant hip-hop music.

The festival had four competition categories, including: Hip-hop 1vs1, Popping 1vs1, freestyle 1vs1 for kid, and street dance team battle city vs city.

In addition, the festival also organized exchange programs from guests who have the influence on Hip-hop in Vietnam and all over the world; kiosks displaying and selling products related to the program, the sponsors’ kiosks; as well as accompanying activities such as Graffiti drawing, Skateboarding, and the performances of visiting dance groups, etc.

Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 is the second time that a major hip-hop event takes place in Hue. According to the organization committee, the contestants participating in Hue Hip-hop Festival 2020 and winning the prizes will be recognized to pass the preliminary round of international hip-hop contests.

Mr. Le Huu Minh, Acting Director of the Provincial Department of Tourism - the organizer, wishes to set up a healthy playground, an art space for artists to show off their talents for the audiences and visitors to learn about the unique music with the street tones like hip-hop. The festival also contributes to affirming the title of Hue - the Festival City of Vietnam; step by step building the image of Hue – the Festival Capital, creating an attractive event in luring visitors, especially during the current period of stimulating domestic tourism demand.

Results for the first prize winners among the competition categories

  • Hip-hop 1vs1: Nguyen Nhat Bich (Bi Max)
  • Popping 1vs1: Nguyen Hai Van (Poppin Panh)
  • Freestyle 1vs1 for kid: Nguyen Huy Nguyen (Amcee)
  • Street dance team battle city vs city: Street Dance Team Battle

Following are a number of photos and video of the festival, which were captured by Thua Thien Hue Online:

The festival has created a vibrant atmosphere, in which artists met and showed off their talent

An aerial rotation movement in the air that required a lot of techniques and practicing time

Kid contestants are not inferior in terms of technique

The organizing committee awarded the prizes to the winners

The festival has also brought a chance for young audiences to interact with well-known hip-hop artists in the country

The audiences did not miss the opportunity to record interesting performances on their own

Hundreds of audiences came to cheer and immerse themselves in the music

Excitement, and appreciation for difficult movements

An international visitor group also joined the lively music event

A video of an attractive “street dance team battle city vs city” competition category

By Duc Quang