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11/07/2019 - 15:42

Hue Hiphop - Urban JAM Festival 2019 to take place on July 20 - 21

Thua Thien Hue Tourism Department has just informed that Hue Hiphop - Urban JAM Festival 2019 will take place at 3/2 Park, Hue City on July 20 and 21, 2019.

Hue Hiphop - Urban JAM Festival 2019 to take place on July 20 - 21

At Hue Hiphop - Urban JAM Festival 2019, Vietnam Hiphop community will converge and compete with the formula such as Streetdance battle, Breakdance 4 vs 4, Hiphop 1 vs 1, Poppin 1 vs 1. In addition, there is an activity on the sidelines of the rounds, which is Graffity drawing performance from Sick Fellows.

All the matches from qualifying round to the quarterfinals will take place on July 20, 2019 for Hip Hop 1 vs 1 and Popping 1 vs 1, and on July 21 for Breaking 4 vs 4 and Streetdance Team Battle. After that, all genres will play the semi-finals and finals.

Urban JAM is a Hiphop show and tournament that has been presented in three regions of North - Central - South, organized by Vietnam Urban Hip Hop Community. Currently, Urban JAM becomes a brand name that attracts young people who are passionate about Hiphop in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

This year, Hue Hiphop  - Urban JAM Festival 2019 has the participation of many guests, the jury from the US, France, Japan, Taiwan, Sweden and Thailand ....

This is an opportunity for young hiphop enthusiasts in Hue to meet, interact and enjoy the performances and competitions of more than 500 participants and 50 dance groups. These dance groups are from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore ... such as Kim superbism (Malaysia), Ricky (Japan), Bionic (USA), Milky (USA) and Drop (Korea).

Besides, there are Vietnamese famous hiphop dance groups loved by young people like Viet Max (Vietnam), MT Pop (Vietnam), Small River (Vietnam), MC Buck (Vietnam)... The world famous DJs like BOLO (Singapore) and DJ 2T (Vietnam) will participate in playing music at these tournaments this time.