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17/03/2019 - 07:33

Hue is sparkling through film footages

Many people are astonished and excited when they have a chance to witness the familiar images of the famous place-names from monuments, pagodas to poetic and romantic spaces of Hue through the extremely novel and impressive camera angles.

Each camera angle on Hue not only leaves the love in the viewers’ mind but also creates the impression on a famous tourist attraction, as well as a land with various beautiful sites that make everybody want to come to Hue after watching the films.

A corner of Huyen Khong Son Thuong pagoda is expressed poetically through the film


Many youngsters were full of admiration like that when they caught many both familiar and novel images about the scenes done in Hue in “Trang Quynh” film of director Duc Thinh, which was released on the occasion of 2019 Lunar New Year.  

Not only being simple as a film, those scenes have partly contributed to the work of promoting Vietnam tourism in general and that of Thua Thien Hue in particular. Nearly half of the film’s background was implemented in Hue.

Right after the Trang Quynh film was projected, not only the tourists but also Hue people were surprised to see many beautiful places of Hue on that film. They could saw the light space with specific ancient features which are very hard to see in many other lands.

“I have been to Hue for many times, I have gone to many places. But after watching Trang Quynh film, I really want to come back to Hue some more times. The camera corners on Hue are very beautiful and leave strong impressions on me”. Tran Anh Son – a tourist from Ho Chi Minh city shared his opinion on the scenes done in Hue.

According to the travel units, with many tourism potentials and beautiful landscapes on rivers, mountains, beaches, if those can be well taken advantages, it will be an efficient promotion way to attract a huge number of domestic and international tourists. Tourism promotion through films is a good way, which creates the strong social effect and pervasion.

It is not lately that the scenes on Hue have been chosen. In the past, many historical films were chosen to film in Hue and have made up certain pervasions such as Indochina (Đông Dương), Tranquil River (Dòng song phẳng lặng), Imperial Candle (Ngọn nến Hoàng cung), The Muse of Hue (nàng thơ xứ Huế), etc., with many impressive scenes helping the viewers to perceive the unique beauty of Hue.

A scene in “Trang Quynh” film with its background taken in Hue

Always creating conditions

Representative of the tourism sector said that the issue of provincial tourism promotion through movie industry is always a concern of the province. In recent time, the TV series “Nang tho Xu Hue” (The Muse of Hue), a culture project which is sponsored by Korea and being shown on KBS channel in Korea has made a good hallmark and pervasion for the tourism promotion of Hue by the beautiful idea, beautiful backgrounds and attractive introductions about the people and special cuisine of Hue, etc.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of Tourism Department told that at present, a famous film producer of Hollywood (The US) is working on procedures to shoot a blockbuster taken place in Hue. If this film is licensed to film in Hue, this will be a superb opportunity to convey Hue images to international friends. Thereby, it will stimulate the curiosity and the interest of international community and tourists towards Vietnam in general and Hue in particular.

Also, once visiting Hue with his family, Mr. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the director of the famous film “Kong: Skull Island”, was strongly impressed by the Ancient Capital where is inherent many forms of monuments, heritages, imperial and traditional cultures and the diversity of cuisines, etc. In addition to help promoting images for Hue, the director himself also nurtures an idea of making a film with the theme ‘human heritage protection’ in the context of climate change and global armed conflict.

In the coming time, the provincial leaders and tourism sector will make issue with some film crews intending to shoot films about Hue to integrate the culinary related contents into their films. 

“The province is making plans to cooperate with producers and film companies to make a long-term strategy on promoting Hue images through films. Furthermore, in the coming time, the province will call for some partners to build film studios right in Hue,” Mr. Phuc said. Once again, he affirmed  that the province will try its best to create the most favorable conditions for film crews to contribute to promoting Hue images to domestic and international tourists.

Story: Phan Thanh – Photos: Provided by the film crew