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03/07/2018 - 07:30

Hue lotus 

Lotus (Sen) is a flower that has been close to Hue locals’ life for generations. Farmers have work hard to take care of lotus plants to harvest Hue lotus seeds, which are soft, fresh and delicious.

The beauty of lotus in Tinh Tam Lake, in the Citadel and the countryside of Hue is always attractive to visitors to Hue in the summer.

It is a great joy to contemplate fragrant lotus flowers blooming in the lake and enjoy cool lotus seeds sweet soup (“chè hạt sen”) in hot summer. Hue News introduces photos of Hue lotus taken by Nguyen Khoa Huy.

A lotus season begins

Taking care of lotus plants

A white lotus season beside Hue Imperial City

Lotus is indispensable at Buddhist places on the full-moon day of the fourth month in lunar calendar

Peeling shells of lotus seeds

Tinh Tam Lotus Seeds, a traditional brand  

Customers buying lotus seeds at Tinh Tam Lake

Special lotus seeds of the ancient capital cannot be missed in sweet soup stalls in Hue

The white essence of Hue lotus attracts visitors whenever they are on their trips to Hue

                                                                             Ngoc Ha (introduces)