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25/11/2019 - 09:30

Hue magnetizes IT talent

While many enterprises in information technology (IT) are struggling to solve human resource problems, Hue has the enterprises that confidently magnetize talent from big cities to join.

Just in a short time, 3S has recruited nearly 50 IT personnel

Seniors and "rookies"

Brycen Vietnam One Member Co., Ltd is an enterprise specializing in software development, server service operation, data processing and data entry for foreign enterprises with the main markets being Japan and Japanese enterprises in Vietnam. After more than 6 years of operation since 2013, the size of the company has increased eightfold with nearly 300 employees.

Meanwhile, 3S Hue International Software Co., Ltd. - 3S Hue Intersoft - has just been granted an investment certificate from July 15. It specializes in developing enterprise management products, outsourcing export software for Japanese and American markets and researching Al (artificial intelligence) products. To date, 3S has attracted 47 members, 40% of whom come from big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang...

Deputy Director of Brycen Vietnam Le Hong Son said that like IT enterprises nationwide, the "thirst" for IT human resources has always been a tough nut for many enterprises although Thua Thien Hue has 8 universities and is one of 3 "cradles" of training IT human resources.

For Brycen, attracting a large number of employees is partly attributed to the fact that company accepts internal training. For general employees, after recruiting, they will be given on-the-job training to be able to work and develop step by step. For important employees, the unit will pay the salaries close to those in major cities to retain them.

Brycen is also associated with the Department of IT and the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications under the University of Science, Hue University to receive students to practice at the company for training in some fields and recruiting after graduation.

Excellent employees were presented with awards at the Brycen Company

“The students are directly involved in the work under the guidance ofBrycen's excellent personnel, so they can develop their abilities. With this approach, recently, Brycen has not yet suffered a shortage of human resources,” Mr. Son said.

Attracting IT talent to get to Hue for work is apparently impracticable; however, 3S could do it, even just after 3 months of operation.

CEO of 3S Hue Intersoft Tong Phuoc Minh said after surveying the enterprises in Da Nang and knowing that some of them have up to 60% of the personnel from Hue, 3S has developed the policy of “attracting talent in big cities to get to Hue to contribute and develop together.”

Mr. Minh talked about the plan of attracting talented people, "We develop competitive mechanisms and policies, create a professional and friendly working environment, and ensure a stable and future source of work for the staff."

On knowing 3S, Pham Xuan Tuan, 3S team leader, who spent nearly 10 years working at the software companies in Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, decided to return to Hue for his career development.

Tuan said that in comparison with the companies where he worked, 3S is quite "open". It has a large project source; the employees are free to develop. Despite many things to improve, Tuan himself "chose to come back and along with the company to make efforts to develop.

Currently, 3S aims to recruit 50 employees by 2019, increase to 300 by 2020 and reach 1,500 by 2025. To realize this, 3S draws up a long-term plan for recruitment.

In addition to attracting high-quality human resources, the enterprise also signed a cooperation agreement with Hue University in training human resources, supporting internship and creating job opportunities for students after graduation.

Investment wave to Hue

Recently, at the Provincial Conference on IT Investment Promotion, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho has awarded 4 certificates of investment in IT field to 4 enterprises investing in Thua Thien Hue. In particular, aside from 3S, there are Deha Company, Minh Tue Group Joint Stock Company, SMCity Company, Japanese Mitani Sangyo Company...

According to Mitani Sangyo Group’s representative, Hue is the best place to choose to develop IT field. Therefore, Mitani Sangyo opens an office in Hue to train and recruit students to work in 3D design and software design.

Recently, the IBM Group's survey team has also worked with universities and related units to evaluate human resources and support IT development in Thua Thien Hue.

The Brycen Company organizes cohesion activities to retain personnel

In addition to the enterprises that have been investing, recently, many Japanese software enterprises have desired to invest in Hue. 3S CEO Tong Phuoc Minh joyfully said, “I myself have worked with 11 Japanese software companies, and most of them expressed the desire to invest in Hue.”

The reason why Japanese enterprises love and choose Hue is that Hue has an abundant IT human resources with about 400-500 students per year, which can meet the requirements of enterprises. In addition, IT enterprises need human resources in many sectors and fields Hue can provide: from personnel management to accounting, foreign languages ​​... even graphics, applications. Hue also has a very good living environment (with fresh air, low traffic density, friendly people ...) and cultural similarities.

“Another important factor is that the provincial leadership provides a lot of favorable mechanisms, especially to give support in IT human resources to enterprises… These factors give enterprises security and trust when they arrive to learn about investment in Hue and promise to attract many large IT enterprises to invest in the future,” said Mr. Minh.

Director of the Department of Information and Communications, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Son said that in the field of IT industry, the province is creating an open and transparent environment of investment, production and business. Thua Thien Hue also carries out the final procedures to merge the Provincial IT Center into the Quang Trung Software Park Chain with the one-stop procedure support policy and the preferential policies in IT, which will facilitate the strong development of IT enterprises.

Story and photos: Lien Minh