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05/11/2019 - 07:31

Hue’s Youtuber: Joining the game

Youtube is said to be a gold mine. I do not have enough information and knowledge about this field, but trust that just with diligence and affinity for the job, all places are gold mines.


A scene from Saa Official's music video

More and more people choose Youtube, Facebook, Instagram as the main working market. Youtuber (roughly translated as people who record themselves videos and share on Youtube) is the main occupation. I don't know whether or not it is as popular as in big cities, but opening a channel, an account or joining in art activities with products posted on websites is no longer strange to Hue youth.

Becoming a Youtuber is gradually developing into a trend for people in many countries, including Vietnam. More specifically, in big cities like Hanoi and Saigon, the number of people acknowledging it as their main job is rising.

Though not proactive, many young people who are "predestined", that is, thanks to posting a cover clip, chatting idly on the Net suddenly become famous. Then their life changes. The famous names can be cited: Mrs. Tan Vlog, Trinh Pham, Khanh Vy in 7 languages, Tho Nguyen...

That the life images, activities and experiences a Youtuber shared on his channel can easily become an endless source of inspiration for Hue young people to learn.

For some people, getting access to YouTube is a long, well-planned journey: what should be learnt to build a channel with a good start, when a video clip should be uploaded, how the image and sound quality should be, or what the viewers' taste is to make video clips.

However, because it is still quite new in Hue, and the people in the rainy land have been quite timid by nature from time immemorial, most of the young people confident enough to join often come to this market in order to satisfy their passion for art, or just to take a few clips in the spirit of experience.

Saa Official Channel of Tran Thuy Duong (18, Hue City) has been becoming more and more familiar to young people in school. Being a fairly modern and outstanding girl with a God-given singing voice, Duong effortlessly establish a personal channel with a registrant number of up to 37,000 after a short time of operation.

Duong added that the idea of ​​opening her own channel was cherished a year ago. Because none of my friends open the channel, most of the videos to cover, make MVs are devised, planned by Duong herself if there is enough time and money. The viewers are the biggest motivation.

Income is not the main goal Duong aims for. She whispered, “Actually, I open this channel just to try my ability and satisfy my passion for singing, and also to spread my music love to the viewers.”

Investing the elaborate advertisement in her music products

However, after a year of struggling to make 51 videos, most of which were the cover videos (re-recording) of online hits, Saa Official channel officially helped Duong earn a small income. According to her, it was fairly small beer compared with the cost of a simple music product of her own.

Then the predestined bond came. Although Hue youth do not self-create a private “corner of the world”, the participation in a number of roles for music videos by singers and actors is also one of the ways to render Hue youth more self-confident in modern life.

Not long ago, getting the information about the “Liquid Eyes" film crew who recruited public actors, my younger brother at home, though never talking about films, was eager to retell the the moment when he and his friends gossiped about being cast.

In another project, Duong Bao Ngoc (Hai Ba Trung Upper Secondary School, Hue City) also found a job when he got himself a role in the MV of "Beauty" by singer Tuyet Nga with the earnings of about VND 1 million for a minor role, and then he got many offers for other products.

Or some also make the most of the popularity with tens of thousands of their viewers on Facebook, Instagram to carry product ads by recording clips or taking review photos (comment, assessment), thereby raising confidence and income.

Of course, besides the benefits gained, the lives of the "celebrities" have also partly changed because they are easily recognized and have to do everything more carefully. Maybe Hue is so gentle, and maybe people start to get used to this new type of passion, so even if a change occurs, it will seem a change for the better.

As the owner of the Saa Official channel asserted, “Despite compliments and criticisms, I will continue my path." Or during conversations about the achievements Ngoc gained, some viewers - also Ngoc’s friends - when asked repeatedly emphasized, “I find her very suitable for this job. Although maybe not realizing it, she plays the roles very well. She has talent."

Well, I do not have a thorough knowledge of this market, but Hue has begun to welcome a new taste, so isn’t this a good thing?!

Story: Ha An – Photos: Tran Thuy Duong