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27/06/2020 - 08:38

Hue: Safe destination & the promotion role of the press

In Hue tourism leaders’ evaluation, the press is the prime communication channel to affirm that Hue is a safe destination in the face of COVID-19 pandemic challenges.

The press agencies operated while Hue tourism leaders were awarding the certificates of quarantine completion to the tourists

Safe for tourists

Recalling the time when COVID-19 pandemic appeared in China, Hue tourism proactively took measures against the pandemic. In addition to tightly controlling the influx of tourists at risk of bringing germs to Hue, the message of "safe destination" was transmitted by Hue to maintain operation, which might attract tourists in the markets where no patients with SARS-CoV-2have been recorded.

COVID-19 is too dangerous and beyond initial expectations. On March 9, Hue detected the first positive case with SARS-CoV-2, a British female patient to Hue for a trip, on the same flight with female patient No. 17. Besides, an additional 14 tourists have traveled on the same flight from the UK to Vietnam, and the flight took the tourists from Hanoi to Hue.

The quarantine of the above tourists was a must, but the problem was where to isolate them, how to create no feeling of abandonment and discrimination while the safety criteria for tourists and participants in service had to be ensured.

Staying at Sun & Sea Resort was the optimal solution chosen by the tourism sector. Right on September 3, 14 tourists were taken to stay in quarantine. Present at Sun & Sea Resort at that time, you could see how tense the atmosphere was. The health sector could not confirm whether or not the tourists taken here were infected, but handling had to reach the highest possible standard although before that, Hue has not yet handled the same situation.

The promotion of the message "safe destination" is temporarily stopped. However, this is the time that Hue scores, proving the good ability to fight the pandemic.

At Sun & Sea Resort, in the early days of receiving tourists for isolation, a stipulation made by tourists was that the reporters of the press agencies were prohibited from recording the tourists’ images, even just behind their back. Tourists had a stressed psychology because they thought that Hue was dealing with them more tensely than usual.

Then at the end of the quarantine, 12 international tourists in turn did the procedures to return home, and 2 domestic tourists went back to Hanoi. When 12 international tourists returned home, it was also the time of the pandemic outbreak in European countries.

Tourist Laura Mitchell (of British nationality) posted the thoughts to the group previously founded by the tourism sector to receive information from tourists. This tourist apologized to Hue for having had extreme reaction before. From the reality of their home country, this tourist offered compliments on a safe and secure country with the serious spirit of pandemic prevention.

Exactly 3 months from the date of leaving Hue after the compulsory quarantine, Ms. LNTM (one of two domestic tourists staying in quarantine at Sun & Sea Resort) recalled that was indeed the time when she faced a psychological crisis. This was caused partly by disillusion: traveling but being quarantined, partly by worry over infection.

“To say something, I can only express my thanks to those who nursed us without worry. Although it is not like being in a hotel, what we received is the best,” Ms. L.N.T.M said emotionally.

Thua Thien Hue Newspaper reporter operated at COVID-19 control in Huong Tra Town

The press role brought into play

Earlier, the Central Committee for Propaganda and Education in concert with the Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Health and Vietnam Journalists’ Association organized the online conference with the press agencies on anti-COVID-19 information and propaganda work.

At this conference, the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention and control judged that never had the media forces pooled efforts to take such drastic actions. With the spirit of publicity and transparency, all the information of guidance, operation, recommendations on prevention, development of pandemic situation ... were quickly transmitted to the public in order to raise the people’s awareness in the pandemic prevention.

Mr. Tran Huu Thuy Giang, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism said that since the outbreak of pandemic, the news agencies have always been the positive companion of the tourism sector. The press contributed to the propaganda and promotion of the province's proactive response image and health capacity through quarantine for close contact cases (F1, F2) at Sun & Sea Resort. Besides, the press promoted the examination and treatment of the positive tourists at Hue Central Hospital and objectively shared the international tourists’ feelings with the province after being cured.

The press has contributed to affirming "Hue - a safe destination" after Hue successfully controlled the pandemic and embarked on restoration of tourism industry. The stimulus policies of the province and enterprises, such as the stimulus plan, the Resolution of the Provincial People's Council on reducing entrance fees, the plan of the Provincial People's Committee on tasks and solutions to stimulate and restore tourism in 2020, the packages of stimulus alliance ... are promptly and widely propagated by the press.

"It is the press that contributes to the promotion of the attractive and friendly Hue image to attract more domestic tourists," said Mr. Tran Huu Thuy Giang.

Recently, Hue has organized Hue Tourism Forum 2020 with the theme "Connecting travel: Hue - a safe, friendly destination". Accordingly, hundreds of news and articles have been published by the press agencies. Additionally, the support has been given to the promotion of new products and services in the area, eco-tourism and community-based sites, springs, waterfalls, lagoons and marine tours... It is the interaction, resonance for Hue to make a quick recovery of tourism.

Story and photos: Duc Quang