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18/12/2021 - 08:25

Hue - The new view from above 

Besides temples and mausoleums, Hue also has poetic natural landscapes and a peaceful green living space.

When being viewed from above, Hue is seen a gentle area with the Huong River and green tree-lined streets, ancient relics, garden houses and the whole city full of life.

Hue City is being developed in a sustainable way, based on the typical strengths of cultural heritages, natural landscapes and green environment. We would like to invite readers to enjoy a green, ancient and peaceful Hue via the photos of the city from above, taken by the photographer Nguyen Khoa Huy.

A view of Hue city towards the Southeast

Hue Flag Pole

The Noon Gate (Ngo Mon), a feature of architecture of the Nguyen Dynasty

Nam Giao Esplanade, an ideal stopover for sightseeing tours

Vy Da - Hen island (Con Hen)

The roundabout in the city center

A corner of Kim Long walking route - Thien Mu pagoda


Kim Long Street

Gia Vien Bridge-Park is flourishing day by day

The beauty of the city by the Huong River

The dreamy Huong River in the early morning

Mausoleum of Tu Duc Emperor

The Xung Khiem Pavilion and the Du Khiem Pavilion at Tu Duc Tomb

By Hue News