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09/05/2020 - 06:50

Hue tourism trademark increases during the pandemic

The provision of the best services with hospitality and indiscrimination in the context of pandemic for tourists leaves them with good impressions of Hue tourism.

Dedicated care and treatment provided for COVID-19 patients make travelers love Hue more


According to the Department of Tourism, by the end of April 25th, the number of tourists staying at accommodation facilities across Thua Thien Hue province was 82 guests. While the majority were professionals and foreigners coming to work, the remaining, including a few tourists, were “stuck” in Hue due to restriction of movement and their native countries' borders being temporarily closed to fight the disease.

All the travelers were provided with the best services at the accommodation facilities across the province. Ms. Chau Thi Hoang Mai, the General Manager of Alba Spa and Alba Hotel, said that even though there were only 2 Indian guests in the hotel, they were catered and served the same way as if there were many guests in the hotel. Accommodation and service prices were also reduced because of the long residency.

During the recent social distancing, there were still a number of train travelers and backpackers coming to Hue. Instead of “passing” guests around, Hue still received and took them to Sun&Sea Resort for quarantine.

The Deputy Minister of Health, Mr. Nguyen Truong Son, rated this three-star resort as the first place that the whole country should adopt as a model of service ensuring epidemiological safety for tourists.

Before that, despite having been specified to have close contact with patients,  tourists to Hue still received dedicated services despite the high risks of infection. Recalling the day when travelers were brought to the Sun&Sea Resort in turn, Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, said that the industry sympathized with them in that it was hard for those coming to Hue for travelling to accept getting quarantined. Despite some initial difficulties and panics from tourists, the devotion and conscientiousness of related industries in the service reassured and impressed the visitors.

“The travel industry has set up a group or team to receive and respond to customers' feedback. There are sick guests who have to abstain from certain dishes as well as the requirements for medicines; the difficulties that arise during residency are recognized and requirements are promptly satisfied, which makes them feel comfortable,” added Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc.

Having her birthday celebrated was a memorable memory for Malarke Elisabeth

Love for Hue

On the day leaving Hue for her country after a long time of quarantine, Malarke Elisabeth, a tourist from France, got her 69th birthday celebrated in surprise. It was prepared by servants of the Sun&Sea Resort. This female tourist was so touched by the warmth of Hue people that she shed tears.

She had thought that her birthday would have been forgotten, but it turned out to be the most memorable celebration in her life. “I have fallen in love with this land,” said she.

Seeing the conscientiousness of Hue people, Mr. Gavin Stewart, an English traveler, leaves a message: “There are undoubtedly tough times, but now the two words ‘thank you’ are all that I can say. We love this land, and we will come back someday”.

Upon returning to his country, Alexander Eleftheriou, a tourist from Greece, sent his words: “The police officers in Vietnam, who are very kind and friendly, gave us a lift to the quarantine place and allowed us to take photos and debate along the way. We are very lucky to receive help from everyone during our 20-day journey in Hue”.

In addition, Alexander Eleftheriou also expressed his admiration for COVID-19 prevention practices in Vietnam. He said: “The solidarity that the locals expressed was beyond our imagination. I would like to thank all the doctors, nurses and medical workers for your help. You are extraordinary!”.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc shared that before leaving, Alexander Eleftheriou did not forget to give a circus and street art performance to all the workers in the medical and tourist industry for their help during the quarantine time at Sun&Sea Resort. That brought joy to all the people involved in the service.

Hue tourism also keeps in touch with visitors on a regular basis. After returning to their countries, all of the tourists sent sincere wishes to the people working in Hue travel and tourism industry. Before that, they had also left messages and notes to express their sympathy with and acknowledgement of efforts from the sectors as well as their wishes to the Government and its People the best disease control. These valuable materials will be kept and used for promotional purposes for Hue tourism later.

Story and photos: Duc Quang