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01/01/2021 - 20:59

Hue Unicorn Dance Festival 2020 closing with the "Nhat Dia Buu" competition 

On the evening of December 30, the Hue Unicorn Dance Festival 2020 officially ended. The two nights witnessed thrilling competitions from nearly 40 top-tiered teams in the country.

The dance’s battle plan choreography and skilful techniques were the highlights of the "Nhat Dia Buu" competition

In the closing night, the spectators feasted their eyes on high-technique and eye-catching performances of the “Nhat Dia Buu" competition.

"Nhat Dia Buu" dances showcase the battle plan choreography, following certain principles and codes, often reserved for experts in the profession to observe and judge each other's level. The matches do not pose danger to the dancers like the "Mai Hoa Thung" dances on the high iron bars (which took place on the evening of December 29), but require elaborate practice. The athletes must achieve fluency and mastery in the profession.

On the night of the competition, the teams were well prepared. All teams meticulously prepared their unicorn heads, props, stage performances, costumes with brilliant colors and eye-catching decorative motifs. The competition content of the teams has brought surprise to the audience through the plot content of the competitions. Each team danced within a 10-minute time slot to show off techniques as well as to convey the content of the dance.

Demonstrating high and diverse technique and excellent coordination between dancers, the first prize of the “Nhat Dia Buu” competition went to the Tu Cau - Da Nang unicorn team; the second prize belonged to the team Hao Dung - Dong Thap and the third prize belonged to the lion team Tai Bao Duong - Da Nang.

Some images captured in the night of "Nhat Dia Buu" competition:

"Nhat Dia Buu" is the competition that emphasizes the choreography rather than the risky moves

The difficult movements are often for experts in the profession to observe and judge each other’s level

A compelling "Nhat Dia Buu" dance requires the rhythmic coordination of two dancers

The romantic unicorns also love flowers

At times, humor is shown when the unicorns come across a foreign object

Fight with the serpent

While thirsty, the unicorn finds a well

Beautiful and unique props also add to the success of "Nhat Dia Buu"

Story and photos: Duc Quang