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24/02/2020 - 07:45

Hue will no longer be "famous" as a city going to bed early

More than 2 years since the opening, to many people, the model of Hue pedestrian quarter can be said to have been successful ...

Giving lucky words on Chu Van An street

The younger brother from Ho Chi Minh City came back to Hue to reunite with family on Tet holiday and to visit all the neighbors. In the evening, he suddenly asked me and a few others to go to the "Western Street" to drink beer. Maybe it's because of having been invited to come there to experience, he now misses the vibe there.

That day, Hue just stopped the period of cold rain starting from the second day of Tet. It was not a weekend, so it was thought that the pedestrian street would be very empty; nonetheless, it was unexpected that people started to gather quite early – at around 7 p.m.

Some groups flocked to the pubs, chose a corner to sit, enjoyed a bottle of beer and watched people passing by. Some ‘westerners’ were drinking beer while reading books. Many other people wandered around, looked at and selected the goods in the stores at the 2 sides of the streets.

After a few bottles of beer, the group suddenly came up with an idea that if the pedestrian quarter was organized more days of walking on weekdays, it could be a good idea. Even making the pedestrian quarter dedicated for walking in this area is also good. This can bring happiness to the guests but may bother the residents here.

It is possible, but it seems that people in the area now feel excited about the pedestrian quarter. The owner of the H.V restaurant on Vo Thi Sau street is a classmate of mine. She, once invited her classmates here to wine and dine them, shared that after the pedestrian quarter opened, this area was revitalized, even funnier and more interesting than Hoi An.

Her restaurant on the main road has become more popular, and so have the rice, noodles, night food vendors in the alleys. Traveling can be a bit inconvenient, but there is no problem during the day. Therefore, it is said that people in some adjacent routes also wish to expand the pedestrian street to their routes.

Drinking beer and chatting here is very enjoyable. There is no limited time; and it does not bother anyone. In addition, there are street activities, with street music from young people who are joined by both foreigners and local guests.

It has been more than 2 years since the opening, to many people, the model of the "western street" of Hue can be said to have been quite successful. That is the foundation to draw experience, to proceed with research so that it can be implemented in a few more appropriate, organized and attractive areas.

Therefore, Hue will have more tourism products. Hue people and visitors to Hue will have more destinations to experience and entertain. And then, Hue night will be more animated and more sparkling. Hue will no longer be "famous" as a city going to bed early.

Of course, Hue ancient capital - Hue heritage is still peaceful and quiet for those who do not want to stay up late. To those who want to have fun and do not want to go to bed early, please come to the pedestrian quarter to experience Hue night ...

Story and photo: Hien An