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23/04/2019 - 17:07

Hue wins 6 Gold Medals in excellent student competition in Coastal Region - Northern Delta area

On April 22, at Ha Long Gifted High School (Quang Ninh), the award ceremony was held to honor students who won prizes in 2019 excellent student competition in the Coastal Region and Northern Delta area. The competition of this year gathered 44 gifted schools nationwide with 1,884 students participating.

Team of Quoc Hoc Gifted High School in Hue

The Quoc Hoc Gifted High School in Hue had 30 students taking part in the competition with the subjects including math, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, philology, history, geography, and English. Among them, 24 students won prizes with 6 Gold Medals (in the subjects of informatics, biology, philology and chemistry), 5 Silver Medals, 13 Bronze Medals and 6 Consolation prizes.

The team of Quoc Hoc Gifted High School ranked 5th in terms of the achieved Gold Medal ratio on the number of students.

The Association of gifted high schools in the Coastal Region and the Northern Delta area was established in 2007. This is an annual playground of the open Northern gifted schools to create opportunities for exchanging and learning among the schools as well as training for students of grades 10 and 11 in preparation for the national excellent student competition.

By Hue Thu