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24/08/2020 - 09:10

Hue would love to see tourists on the nearest days

Due to the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many visitors had to change their plan for visiting Hue; yet they still love Hue and promise to see the ancient Capital on the nearest days. The province's tourism sector also affirmed that they would prepare the best to welcome tourists once the pandemic is over.

Tourists visiting Hue at the end of July 2020

Missing the tour twice, but it's always Hue

Perhaps traveling to the ancient capital is such a waiting for those who have not visited Hue or haven't discovered all the destinations, experienced all services, and enjoyed the scrumptious food, etc.

In a tourist community with tens of thousands of members, Hoang Manh Hung - a photographer, posted that he had missed a tour to Hue in April 2020 because of the pandemic. This August, the visiting was re-scheduled, but one more time, he couldn't make it to Hue because of the pandemic re-breaking out.

For this young "Hanoian" man, Hue is rich in culture and traditions. Manh Hung said that once getting to Hue, he would spend all his time "hunting" for the most beautiful photographs of heritages, ao dai, etc., which he always desires to do but still hasn't had a chance. He hoped that the pandemic would be under control soon so that he could go to Hue.

Similarly, Hoang Tien - a visitor from Hanoi shared the same expectation; he also missed Hue this August; and he hoped that the disease would be controlled by the end of November 2020, and there would be little rainfall in Hue for him to have a full trip.

Many other tourists have probably visited Hue and experienced the rain, which is gloomy yet enthralling to sympathetic travelers. For tourists, Hue rain is a typical specialty. Visiting Hue during the rainy season is a memorable experience if visitors prepare thoroughly. Therefore, a lot of tourists shared with Hoang Tien that Hue rain is also beautiful and romantic.

Not only self-supporting tourists, but many tourism businesses also said that lots of tours had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Many partners introducing tourists to Hue informed that many tours were postponed, and not many tours were canceled.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc - Deputy Director of the Department of Tourism, the tourism industry is drastically implementing COVID-19 prevention solutions to make sure that Hue is a safe and friendly destination. By preparing well, Hue would serve visitors to the utmost and meet their expectations when the tourism back to normal.

Promise to come back Hue

Just finishing her trip to Hue at the end of July 2020 when the COVID-19 had not yet broken out again, Nguyen Nhat Anh - a female tourist from Hanoi shared a set of Hue Ao Dai photos taken at the Citadel. "I have been to Hue many times before, but during those times, because of my young age and some other objective factors, my feeling about the ancient capital was somehow incomplete. And this time, when returning here I was totally satisfied. Hue is much gorgeous, peaceful, and sweeter than I thought. Hue is a city worth living, a place worth stopping over and coming back. I wish Hue always be peaceful and other tourists have a good experience when coming to Hue," said she.

For those who have been to Hue and in love with its tranquility and quietness, it is not easy to leave Hue at all. Do Phuong, a female tourist from Ho Chi Minh City, was visiting Hue when the pandemic started breaking out again; thus, she could not visit many places and still thought of Hue when having to come back to her hometown.

In the eyes of this young girl from the most dynamic city in Vietnam, Hue people are not only enthusiastic but also friendly; and visiting Hue is a memorable experience with enjoying delicious food, meeting adorable friends, and admiring the scenery of Hue genuinely. She would love to come back Hue on the nearest days once Hue successfully combats the pandemic.

Yen Vy – a female tourist from Hanoi, shared that although she had never been to Hue, her feelings for this city have been very special. Since being an undergraduate, she has always kept in mind that she would set foot in Hue someday. She and her boyfriend had initially decided to go to Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) and prepared everything, including booking accommodation and planning the itinerary. Then one night, she asked: "How about changing the destination to Hue? I prefer this city," and a nod changed the two young tourists' plans.

"In Hue,  we could go to Tam Giang lagoon where has scrumptious food and amazingly beautiful sunset, enjoy the nightlife of the Western Quarter which is the same as that of the pedestrian streets in Hanoi, where we can listen to music, drink beer at a bar, and look out at the street to see the city as vibrant and charming as many other famous cities elsewhere. Moreover, we could take some photos with a vintage concept in the incense village, Thien An Hill, Minh Mang mausoleum, or Vong Canh Hill. We could also hunt for the sunrise when crossing Hai Van pass and watch the crystal clear and stunning Lang Co beach," Yen Vy shared.

Seven days in Hue could have been enough for the young couple to feel that people and things in Hue are wonderful. Although having already come back to Hanoi, they still long fondly for Hue and surely return to Hue next year.

Story and photo: Duc Quang