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24/11/2018 - 07:31

Human resources training according to international standards

In order to provide high quality human resources, Hue Industrial College is one of the training institutions selected by the General Department of Vocational Education to implement the training model in accordance with German standards.

The training orientation of Hue Industrial College is to improve students’ capacity and equip them with soft skills

Training according to capacity

According to the college-level pilot training program for 22 key occupations at the international level of the General Department of Vocational Education under the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, Hue Industrial College was selected for training industrial electricity under the training program transferred from Germany.

Dr. Cung Trong Cuong, Rector of Hue Industrial College, said: "This is a training program aimed at providing high quality human resources, focusing on Germany’s areas of strength, such as heavy industry, electronic technology, mechanical engineering... ".

The program will be implemented in September 2019, with the first pilot application in a class with approximately 16 students. With this 3.5-year training program transferred from the project team, students will not focus on examinations or grades but will be equipped with a strong knowledge foundation and skills. In particular, there are requirements for creative ability, being active in work, good working attitude, good soft skills ... On graduation, students are qualified to work immediately and focus on the high technology sector. 

Mr. Cuong emphasized: "Broad and deep training is the principle of international training programs. The output standard of this training program is capacity oriented. When students do their internship in the last year, they will choose the field they intend to work in the future and work directly in the business environment to access job opportunities. The training model is very rigorous, with mechanisms for evaluation, management and monitoring development...".

In order to be selected for the implementation of the training program in accordance with the German standards, Hue Industrial College must meet rigorous standards of human resources, training quality, facilities, and etc. Most importantly, the college must prepare a teaching team that can meet the German standard of teaching.

Six lecturers qualified in foreign language ability and professional qualifications were selected for training for 5 months in Germany. This is the core faculty that will support the training of other trainers. Training programs and facilities will also be upgraded to a full German standard.

Mr. Tran Huu Chau Giang, Deputy Rector of Hue Industrial College said: "Continuous adjustments and evaluations will be made during the training process. After the training, German experts will assess and evaluate the ability of students before approving that they have graduated according to the standard of Germany. Learners will be awarded a Vietnamese College Diploma and a Level 4 Vocational Diploma from Germany.

Practice time of Electrical and Electronics Engineering students

Providing high quality human resources

Mr. Tran Phuong Nam, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Hue Industrial College, said that the industrial development strategy of Vietnam will reach an industrial value-added growth of 6.5-7.0% per year in 2020, and of 7.5-8% per year in the period 2021-2030. To achieve the above targets, there must be an increase in the size of factories and industrial parks across the country.

This increase entails the need to develop industrial power systems and networks. This is the basis for asserting that the industrial electricity sector not only needs labor but also requires a large number of highly qualified workers to meet the scale and speed of development. Taking the lead, Hue Industrial College strives to approach and participate in regional and international key vocational training programs."

According to Mr. Cung Trong Cuong, currently, enterprises need high quality labor force but not enough people meet the requirements. On the other hand, students after graduation are less likely to approach work opportunities, because of the weak link between business and school.

Many businesses needing high quality human resources have reached out to the college. The college has also realized that the training is currently not suitable for businesses and is finding ways to connect and coordinate with businesses during training.

Hue Industrial College is also implementing a number of capacity building and education reform projects, including the American USAID COMMET project, the Japanese KOSEN project, and the German ADB project... At the same time, the college is coordinating with businesses to design training programs that focus on technology. Businesses directly participate in teaching with the college; so, after each school year, students progress very quickly. They are trained soft skills and creative start-up skills to innovate, so they feel self-confident in their personal professional development and confident when applying for jobs and doing teamwork...

Mr. Cung Trong Cuong said: "The College is piloting training programs with international standard. Mass training will then be used once the conditions of the facilities, teaching standards and learning conditions are ensured.”

Story and photos: Minh Hien