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20/01/2019 - 09:26

Hurdy-gurdy solo performance "mesmerizes" Hue audience

On the evening of January 17, the hurdy-gurdy solo performance of this French musician was organized by University of Education (Hue University) in collaboration with the French Institute in Hue. The performance attracted a large number of music-loving students and audience.

During the performance, Guilhem Desq, the musician, sometimes looks down the stage to the audience and smiles

In the performance, Guilhem Desq (from France) played his own compositions. With only a hurdy-gurdy in his hands, this talented musician made the audience feel like he brought the whole orchestra to the stage, from the shrill sound of the violin to the featured melodies of the bagpipes, or the most contemporary sound machines.

Via his magical hands on the frets, Guilhem Desq brought the audience into his mesmerizing music world and invited them to travel with him through each crank of this unique musical instrument.

Guilhem Desq introduces the content of the performance before it starts

For the first time, the organization of the performance gives the music-loving audience in Hue the opportunity to see the electric hurdy-gurdy with their own eyes and enjoy its magic sound, which is extremely unique. The first version of this thousand-year-old musical instrument appeared from the Middle Ages, in the ninth century in Europe, but it is still strange and new to the Vietnamese audience.

Guilhem Desq was born in a family with his father being an artisan making hurdy-gurdy at home, so that he had had the opportunity to interact with this instrument early. Together with his father, Guilhem Desq made the first electronic hurdy-gurdy for himself and has constantly explored the infinite possibilities of this instrument since then.

Sharing with Thua Thien Hue Online on the sidelines of the show, Guilhem Desq said that this was the first time he came to Hue and found that Hue was very peaceful. That was one of the reasons why he wanted to devote his best ability to bring a music party to Hue audience, especially the students.

 Story, photos: Huu Phuc