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24/02/2018 - 21:33

Huyen Tran temple Festival kicks off

With the theme of “respect to predecessors”, the Huyen Tran temple festival in the spring of the year of the Dog 2018 opened on the morning of February 23 (the 8th of Tet).

Art performance on the opening day of the Festival

This year, the Huyen Tran temple festival is held by the Department of Culture, Sports for two days February 23 - 24 at the Huyen Tran Cultural Center. The festival consists of two parts: the rite and the festival. On the morning of February 23, the opening festival program took place with the performance of Southern Lion Dance, art performance, opening ceremony drumming and other cultural sporting activities. In the afternoon, the program was continued with the Tiên Thường rite (the ceremonial offering held on the day before the death anniversary of Huyen Tran princess)

The Huyen Tran temple Festival attracts people from all walks of life to come to visit and worship 

On February 24 (the 9th of Tet), the Festival took place with Huyen Tran princess’s death anniversary, an epic art program and many cultural sporting activities making the cheerful atmosphere such as: traditional martial art performance, “bài chòi” game, the game of earthenware pots breaking, wrestling, Chinese chess, calligraphy performance, fine art exhibition, vegetarian cuisine and the display of traditional products, etc.

This is an annual festival which attracts many local people and tourists from far and near to come to pay homage and express gratitude to the ancestors and predecessors who were instrumental in reclaiming and protecting the territorial integrity of Vietnamese people.

Story and photos: Minh Hien