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22/03/2022 - 14:35

Inauguration of German language and culture space in Hue

On the afternoon of March 21, at Hue University, the inauguration ceremony of German language and cultural space in Hue - German Room in Hue took place.

Leaders of units cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the German Language and Culture Space in Hue

This is one of the important activities during the visit and work with the International School - Hue University of the delegation of the Goethe-Institute and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The German language and culture space in Hue is the first model of German language development and promotion at universities in Vietnam. This is an initiative based on the good relationship between Hue University and Goethe-Institute.

Through the German language and culture space in Hue, Hue University wishes to create a strong German-speaking environment, thereby, serving as a bridge for cultural exchange activities, exchange of students and lecturers between universities in the Federal Republic of Germany and Hue University. At the same time, the German language and culture space in Hue will also be a familiar address for German lovers in Hue to learn about the German language and culture.

According to Mr. Wilfried Eckstein, Director of the Goethe-Institute, the German language and cultural space in Hue brings many values. It can also help people study for exams to take German language certificates, and getting information about German culture. The Goethe-Institute will be responsible for the quality of German language teaching.

On this occasion, the units also awarded the contest to learn about German language, culture and history and getting cultural exchange. Within the framework of the program, the units also held a discussion on the topic "Alumni - Talk" with the following contents: "Learning and speaking German in Hue: Past, Present and Future", "Learning German in Hue: The key to opening a world of opportunity".

By Huu Phuc