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02/07/2020 - 10:53

Inauguration of the renovation of French Institute headquarters

On the afternoon of June 30, the French Institute in Hue held the inauguration ceremony of the renovation of the new headquarters. Attending the ceremony were the French Ambassador to Vietnam Nicolas Warnery and Chairman of Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho.

Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho and French Ambassador Nicolas Warnery (third from right) cutting the ribbon to inaugurate the project.

The French Institute in Hue has been remodeled and renovated from February to June this year in order to improve the quality of reception and public service, optimize the space for organizing events and cultural activities as well as create conditions for students to have a more effective learning environment.

The remodeling and refurbishment focused on building green space on the main and the first floor of the building, upgrading multi-function hall - reception, film screenings, seminars and exhibitions spaces, and upgrading classroom system and multimedia library space.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chairman Phan Ngoc Tho emphasized: "The French Institute in Hue is an important foundation for the development of long-term relations between France and Thua Thien Hue in particular and Vietnam in general. This is a destination for people who love French language and culture. With a spacious, beautiful and sophisticated facilities, I hope the French Institute in Hue will continue to develop and be a friendship bridge between the two countries."

As a branch of the French Institute in Vietnam, the French Institute in Hue is a familiar place for the public who love the French language and culture. This is also one of the partners who actively contribute to the language, culture and artistry exchange activities of Hue City.

* On the evening of the same day, the French Institute in Hue also opened the photo exhibition "Public, Private, Secret".

The "Public, Private, Secret" Photo Exhibition introduces the works of two young photographers Joseph Gobin (France) and Nguyen Phuong (Vietnam) through the curated section of the photographer Mai Nguyen Anh. 

The exhibition showcases works by Joseph Gobin and Nguyen Phuong

Viewers can admire the cluster of works about the ice tea space by Joseph Gobin. The scene of an unsettled beverage stall on the street which is separated from the bustling life always makes Joseph Gobin curious.

Instead of depicting them from the look of the past or the nostalgia, the ice tea culture in Joseph's photos appears to accompany the transformation of the times. There, to him, is a place that was both closed and open, private and public, characterizes contemporary Vietnamese society, especially in big cities.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Phuong goes deep into exploiting his chaotic thoughts. He felt lost in the urban hustle and bustle, where the pollution is still present but skillfully hidden under the lavish mantle. Pollution is limited not only in human indifference to the environment, expressed by the artist through photography tactics, but also in every human being.

The two sets of photos seem to be different, but when placed side by side, they create a place that is both open, private, and conceal the feelings of each photographer.

The exhibition takes place until July 24.

Also on June 30, the French Institute in Hue organized a variety of activities such as "Astérix le Gaulois" library activities for children, showing 3D animated series of Rubika.

Story and photos: Minh Hien