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21/07/2017 - 20:39

Industry 4.0: It is hard for Vietnamese enterprises to "digitize"

On July 20, the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the German Embassy in Vietnam jointly organized the “Digital enterprise - On the way to Industry 4.0” conference.

Mr. Nguyen Phu Cuong, Director of Department of Science and Technology (MOIT) talks about Industry 4.0.

Speaking at the workshop, Director General of the Department of Science and Technology (MOIT) - Mr Nguyen Phu Cuong said that Vietnam is a country in the process of industrialization, modernization and deeply international integration, the 4th Industrial Revolution is expected to create more opportunities for enhancing technology level, improving production capacity and competition in the product chain.

However, Mr Nguyen Phu Cuong also said that Vietnam will face challenges, negative impacts such as technological lag, production and business decline. Vietnam also faces redundancy of low-skilled labor forces, upsetting the traditional labor market, affecting the socio-economic situation of the country, as well as losing safety, information security, copyright infringement, lack of qualified human resources ...

In addition, there is the possibility of a wave to transfer the backward technology from developed countries to developing and underdeveloped ones. “With the above challenges, in order to access and successfully exploit the opportunities offered by industry 4.0, first of all, it is necessary for enterprises  to fully and correctly understand this revolution, in terms of the characteristics of future production, the requirements that the businesses need to meet if they do not want to lag behind. Then, every business needs to build a long-term development strategy, concrete and firm steps to enter the revolution," Mr Cuong said.

Source: Nguyen Quynh (VOV.VN)