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02/07/2019 - 14:59

Innovative and creative startup training program for students in Hue opens

On the morning of July 1, this activity was organized by Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Hue University for students of universities, colleges and intermediate schools in Hue.

Dr. Hoang Kim Toan, Director of Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Hue University introduces information about the training program to students

This training program includes 3 courses in different periods of times. The first course takes place from July 1-4; the second one, from July 5-8; and the last one, from July 16-19. Each class has 35 students. The training program is taught by the leading experts on innovative and creative startup in Vietnam, including 4 experts as coaches and innovative and creative startup consultants of the Vietnam – Finland Innovation Partnership Program.

The content of the program includes overview of innovative and creative startup, team activation, lean startup, business model building, survey of customer issues, startup personnel ... In addition to theory and skill training, students also have chance to practice some content.

By Huu Phuc