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07/12/2019 - 19:13

Hue College of Economics

International scientific conference for young scientists

On the morning of December 6, Hue College of Economics, Hue University coordinated with 9 universities and institutions all over the country to hold an international scientific conference for young scientists in economics and business (ICYREB 2019).

The school board of Hue College of Economics presenting gifts and posing commemorative photo with co-organizers

The conference attracted the participation of a great number of domestic scientists, and international representatives and experts. In addition to the plenary session, the conference also included 7 thematic sessions on finance – accounting, economics – business management, and finance – banking, etc.

In this event, representatives presented and discussed many issues such as the impacts of the first public offering on the price of current stocks on Vietnam’s stock market; the scale of Vietnam’s primary corporate bond market; Analyzing the impacts of industry restructuring on social labor productivity growth in Vietnam, etc.

According to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Van Hoa, Rector of Hue College of Economics, the conference attracted the participation of the scholars and received the articles of nearly 150 young scientists from various universities throughout the country, 110 articles among them were published in the conference’s yearbook. The research fields were very diverse and novel. Furthermore, the researches discussed deeply topics on economics, business management, financial banking including business mergers and acquisitions; interest rate risk; foreign investment; and renewing economic growth model, etc.

Story, photo: Huu Phuc