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18/02/2018 - 17:22

International visitors enjoy Tet

At the last moments of the year of Dinh Dau, when local people were busy preparing for trays of offerings and Tet sweet treats, all corners of Hue were filled with spring atmosphere; many international visitors in Hue also join the vibrant celebration to welcome the new year of Mau Tuat 2018.

Most of the visitors, who we have a chance to talk with, are surprised, curious and also excited. Although there are many differences in customs and practices between countries, Hue and its Tet bring them special feelings.

Ms. Mia, a visitor from the UK: Will come to Hue again

This is the first time I have been to Hue. I have just arrived in Vietnam yesterday so I didn’t realize much, but it seems like a big holiday. I will join the countdown party. I like the city and people, so I will come back again when I have a chance.

Mr. Jang Sung Ho's family, visitors from Korea: Tet atmosphere seems quite quiet

We have just arrived here since 2pm, so we didn’t look around a lot. Tomorrow, we will go to pagodas, tombs and palaces. This is the second city in Vietnam that our family has visited. During the Tet, we will travel to Da Nang. The Tet atmosphere is a little bit like the countryside.

People are very kind and the food is excellent. Our daughter likes the pancake named “banh xeo”. Today, we have tried the “nem lui”, and she likes it too.

Mr. Pierre Heroux, visitor from Quebec, Canada: Very interesting

This is my first time enjoying the Lunar New Year in Hue. I have never seen it before, but I find it very interesting. Everything is decorated with flowers, yellow so the money comes in for the year, the red is for good luck and I am wearing red today.

It seems like everybody is buying presents for everybody, and then they have to give money to the other people and the younger ones, and it has to be new money. So there are similarities between the two countries. I think the first person they meet on the new year is very important. However, it is not that important in Canada.

These are photos of the vibrant atmosphere in last moments of the lunar new year’s eve and the visitors’ excitement to welcome a big holiday:

Visitors take a rest to enjoy the Tet ambience at a coffee shop/bar, which is nicely decorated on Pham Ngu Lao street, Hue city

A restaurant on Le Loi street is decorated in the traditional style

The God of Wealth in front of a bar

A foreign visitor is sitting in the space full of spring colors

A group of visitors are excited to make a motorbike tour to enjoy the atmosphere of Tet in Hue

A visitor dances to the spring music

Chatting at the last moments of the lunar new year’s eve in Hue city

Story, photos and video: Hanh Nhi - Le Thao