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19/07/2017 - 15:00

International workshop on Consumer Protection

International workshop on "Consumer Protection-European Union’s Experience for ASEAN Economic Community" organized by College of Law - Hue University in cooperation with European and Vietnam Legal Cooperation Association on 17 and 18 July.

Large-scale contents were presented and discussed at the workshop; especially the presentation of former French Ambassador to Vietnam Claude Blanchemaison: "Roads and barriers to free exchange of products in the international community".

Other presentations also providedthe overview and measures to promote consumer protection policy from the experience of European Union such as: "Law and institution ofconsumer protection: Comparison of Vietnamese, French and European Union Laws”; "Law on consumption and public entity in French and European Union Laws"; "The appellation of origin for the protected agricultural products"; "Dispute resolution with consumers by arbitration"; …

The workshop was an opportunity for Vietnamese and French experts, representatives of Vietnamese authoritiesto exchange and discussso as tocomplete the legal system and provide consistent measures to enforce law on consumer protection in Vietnam.

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