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02/09/2018 - 19:14

Introducing a collection of Hue’s souvenirs and gifts with diversified samples

After many years of carrying out the activities to support designing sample, investing equipment and proceeding with voting, in August 2018 the Department of Trade and Commerce introduced a collection of 54 souvenirs and gifts produced by 43 enterprises and manufacturers. This created an opportunity for promoting tourism and meeting tourists’ demands.

Products of the Thuan Thanh Duy Mong Jewelry were selected as part of Hue’s souvernir and gift colllection


After the provincial People’s Committee launched the Hue souvenir and gift manufacturing program, the Thuan Thanh Duy Mong Jewelry started to produce souvenirs and gifts featuring characteristics of the Old Capital, and selected appropriate materials for making significant and affordable gifts. After half a year of experimentation, three products were launched in July 2018, including the 3D Citadel embroidery painting, the Linh Mu painting and the shirt brooch. These products were made of gold-plated materials and cost from VND 50,000 to VND 600,000 an item.

The enterprise owner, artisan Tran Duy Mong expressed a concern that even though they had the Tinh Tam Kim Co showroom on the Dinh Tien Hoang street, it was essential to have a larger one in the center of Hue city to promote and introduce products widely to visitors. By that, handicraft products would be able to reach tourists with reasonable prices.

With two products selected for the souvenir and gift collection, which are embroidery painting and “Ao Dai”, Doan Trang Embroidery Company is trying to improve its painting patterns, and reserve capital to prepare for a variety of beautiful Ao Dai fabrics to serve customers. However, beside advantages, the business is facing a lot of  difficulties because its showroom is not located in the city center to attract more tourists.

“Our products being selected for the collection is a great opportunity to promote and showcase them. Nevertheless, we wish we have a showroom to exhibit our products and demonstrate the profession in the city center, where there are many visitors strolling around, to promote the values of handicraft products and arouse their potentiality. Through the festivals, visitors are very interested in the display of the traditional craft models, and in practicing making traditional products; thenceforth, they want to buy the products made by themselves,” said Ms. Doan Trang, the company director.

At present, there are 54 products of 43 speciality and handicraft enterprises and manufacturers in the whole province being selected for the souvenir and gift collection to serve tourists’ needs. These include Doan Trang’s Ao dai and Embroidery paintings, Thien Huong sesame sprinkled candy, Loc Mai fig tea, Hue Thanh tra fruit (local pomelo), Kim Vui cajuput oil, Hue Imperial tea, Thuan Thanh - Duy Mong gold-plated painting, Phap lam (porcelain enamel) jewelry, Truc Chi Fan, Hue Ao Dai, Sinh village painting, Bao La rattan and bamboo weaving...

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh - Director of Department of Industry and Trade, to promote the values of the souvenir and gift collection, his department will continue to coordinate with relevant departments and agencies to develop effective policies for supporting souvenir and gift products to be more competitive, affirm their position in the market, and arrange three showrooms in such areas as Phu Bai International Airport, Big C and Co.op Mart Hue supermarkets.

Announcing the 54-product collection

In line with the announcement of the Hue souvenir and gift collection, the Department of Industry and Trade is implementing a plan for developing souvenirs and gifts in 2018 in order to develop product samples and packaging for handicraft and speciality products for tourists, thereby contributing to the restoration and development of traditional handicrafts and Hue’s specialties for souvenirs and gifts, and promoting the new rural program.

With the total budget of nearly VND 500 million, the program will order making sample designs of handicraft and specialty products for souvenir and gift development, assist businesses to design product packaging and produce sample products for souvenirs...

Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, Mr. Nguyen Luong Bay said that with the aim of creating souvenir and gift products featuring Hue cultural identity and meeting visitors’ needs, before announcing the collection, the department had implemented many programs for souvenir and gift development, with a highlight on issuing a right to use the “Hue Handicraft Identification Seal” for 280 products of 58 manufacturers in the province.

Mr. Bay also shared that his department is completing the procedures to issue the right to use the Hue speciality identification seal for manufacturers to advertise their trademarks and also help visitors identify quality and prestige of Hue’s souvenirs, gifts and specialities in the market.

Director of Department of Industry and Trade, Mr. Nguyen Thanh said that the department would continue to select and add handicraft and speciality products that meet the program’s criteria to the collection, and consult the Provincial People’s Committee to select appropriate locations for a showcase and introduction of products from the collection as well as other handicraft products.

Story and photo: Thanh Huong