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07/08/2022 - 11:08

Introducing green - clean - healthy products

"Walk this way, there’s the sun" is an open market organized by Ban Huu 054 group of friends, expected to take place today August 7th at Kim Long community garden (at the end of Alley 104, Pham Thi Lien street, in Hue city).

Hands-on activities for the young little market-goers. Photo: Nhat Linh

The market sets out to introduce unique local "green - clean - and healthy" products, including food stalls with fresh green vegetables and treats; handmade decoration and personal care products; a small corner for drinking tea and talking about green lifestyles; hands-on activities for the young little market-goers and a cultural corner with “locally based”, amateur music groups…

The market is held with a hope to connect more people and spread good values ​​among the production community in Hue. The market also restricts single-use shopping bags, so don't forget to bring your own bags, bottles and jars along for shopping.

By Huenews