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20/05/2022 - 06:04

Introducing Hue culture in the land of France

In the framework of the art exhibition “Chaos” which are taking place in Cergy City, France from May 13 to June 5, artist Phan Le Chung, Acting Chairman of the Council of the University of Arts - Hue University introduces the art of Sinh Village’s paintings to the artists and students in Cergy City.

Students in Cergy City being excited in experiencing making Sinh Village’s paintings. Photo: Phan Le Chung

Through introducing art works of French artists and those coming from different countries, the exhibition is a cultural and artistic connection between French artists and other artists from various countries to gather and work in a creative art space.

Attending the exhibition under the program of cultural and artistic cooperation and exchange between Hue City and Cergy City, artist Phan Le Chung displays 5 of his art works and chairs 5 workshops on printing and making Sinh Village’s paintings for students from different education levels in Cergy City.

The activity attracts a great number of viewer visits in Cergy City, France. This is one of the activities carrying a huge significance in introducing the beauty in Hue culture and art in particular, and in Vietnam in general to those in love with culture and art in the world.

By Minh Hien