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04/01/2018 - 12:30

Introduction of the Code of civilized tourism behaviors

On January 3, the Department of Tourism officially introduced the Code of civilized tourism behaviors applied in the province.

Mind your manners, and behave with courtesy in public and particularly sacred sites. Photo: Department of Tourism

The Code is developed in the form of friendly images, accompanied with captions in both Vietnamese and English.

The Code contains two parts, the Do’s and Don’ts. Things to do include: to respect the traditional culture, customs, and habits of the locality; to act in good manners, behave with courtesy, and dress appropriately in public and particularly in sacred sites; to be conscious of, and preserve and protect cultural and historical relics; to give priority and assistance to the disabled, the elderly, pregnant women and children in public places and tourist sites; to queue when using public facilities and services or taking part in public activities.

Do not solicit or hassle tourists. Photo: Department of Tourism

The Don’ts consist of: not to damage the natural landscape, not to litter or bring objects that might be harmful to health and the environment to public places and tourism sites; to avoid shouting and laughing excessively in public; to restrain honking when taking part in traffic; to avoid boisterous behaviors associated with the overindulgence of alcohol; not to solicit or hassle tourists or illegally increase prices; to avoid any act of discrimination against tourists.

The Code aims to enhance the awareness of tourists and local communities in their behavior towards tourism environment; to step by step shape up civilized habits, behaviors and politeness in tourist activities, especially when people travel or participate in public activities; and at the same time, to bring a better view for tourists on a dynamic, close and friendly environment of Hue tourism.

Story and photos: Duc Quang