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07/07/2018 - 19:39

Inventory plan of historical-cultural relics implemented

On the morning of July 6, the Provincial Department of Culture and Sport held a conference to deploy the inventory plan of historical-cultural relics in the province in 2018.

Things to do in the process of inventorying relics are discussed at the conference

The inventory of relics has been conducted in nine districts, towns, and Hue city from April to October 2018. Some 400 buildings are estimated to be inventoried, including: buildings with historical values (memorial monuments of special events, and memorial monuments of notables), architectural archaeology, landscapes, which have not been classified as relics; buildings on the list of protected historical-cultural relics and landscapes, which are not classified as relics and ensured no distortion and change of their original elements.

The total inventory of buildings and landscapes with cultural and historical values is aimed to promptly protect and be against the risk of damage or permanent loss of valuable buildings and landscapes, contributing to preserve and promote the values of heritages. This is also a scientific basis for selecting, setting up scientific records to suggest the classification of relics and landscapes.

At the same time, by overall reviewing and evaluating the status of buildings and landscapes with historical and cultural values, the inventory contributes to raise awareness, enhance understanding, sense of respect, and preserve the values ​​of cultural heritages of Hue.

Story and photo: Minh Hien