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09/12/2017 - 09:22

Investing in making Hue a central city

Determining that Hue is the central city and the motivation for the development of its surrounding urban areas, the authorities of Thua Thien Hue province and Hue city have put their greatest efforts into improving the infrastructure and gradually implementing detailed planning and subdivision for the past years.

Widened and newly-paved sidewalk along Le Duan street

Improving the infrastructure

Among the key programs and projects in Hue, those projects related to the urban embellishment for a better reconciliation of urban infrastructure has been high on the lists of priorities of the authorities during the term 2015-2020. Most of these projects concentrate on improving the transportation infrastructure by widening and upgrading the main road in the southern part of Hue, which have been invested to develop as a dynamic and modern city, at the same time retaining the heritage in the northern part of Hue.

A number of completed projects related to embellishing, widening and upgrading the main roads have taken effect in Hue. These main roads include Dong Da, Dien Bien Phu and Ly Thuong Kiet. Especially the recent change of the ‘Westerner Quarter’ into night walking streets, a new tourist product in Hue, harmoniously equipped with transportation infrastructure, electricity, trees, cables, street lighting, has made certain impression on the locals and tourists.

Another in-progress project that has been accelerated includes the embellishment and widening of part of To Huu Road, near Thua Thien Hue Sport Center. Such tasks as surfacing the road and installing the drainage system have been done. The footpath across the median strip, roadside trees and parking space are towards completion. It is expected that this project will come into use by the Lunar New Year of 2018.

Apart from financing projects to widen and paving sidewalks, the authorities in Hue have intended a considerable amount of money for the embellishment of parks, “green spots” such as those at the Ly Thuong Kiet – Hanoi junction and on Tran Cao Van street.

Mr Nguyen Van Thanh, Chair of the People’s Committee of Hue, asserts that the investment is to make Hue a more beautiful, elegant and impressive modern city co-existing with ancient cultural heritage. An example of making Hue tender is the removal of fences surrounding parks along Tran Hung Dao and Le Duan streets, obliterating the boundaries of streets, parks and river banks.

In addition to the budget, the authorities of Hue have also taken advantage of sponsorships from international organizations and entrepreneurs to invest in a number of projects of infrastructural works; for example, the project to embellish two lakes Vo Sanh – Tan Mieu with a total investment of €730,000, is sponsored by SIAAP and AIMF (France) with €510,000. The remaining cost is arranged as Hue’s counterpart funds.

The embellishment of the two lakes Vo Sanh – Tan Mieu has been basically completed. According to Hue Environment and Urban Construction Joint Stock Company, the project owner, the two lakes will be ready by the end of this year, partly solving the pollution of lakes in the imperial city and beautifying lake sides along Nguyen Trai street and the neighborhood.

The project of Phu Hau wholesale market and the recent social appeal for the embellishment of Dong Ba market are evidence of the desire for entrepreneurs’ contributions to accomplish socio-cultural institutions, facilities and urban infrastructure for Hue from the authorities of the province and the city.

Several streets have been widened and upgraded

Implementing urban planning proposals

With the view to harmonizing Hue city, along with the investment in infrastructure, Hue authorities are implementing approved urban planning proposals, and simultaneously conducting detailed plans, including plans for division of some areas and communal wards so that the urban development is on the right track.

One of the crucial plans that has been focused on is the plan to extend Hue. On the basis of this master plan, Hue authorities have been working on detailed plans to allocate and adjust almost all 27 communal wards in the city. Accordingly, those wards that have not had a detailed scheme with the ratio 1/2000, such as Thuy Xuan, Kim Long, Huong Long, An Tay and An Dong, must announce their plans. Those wards that have had plans inappropriate to the current criteria, such as Vy Da, Phu Cat and Phu Binh, are requested to adjust them immediately.

Hue authorities in association with the Department of Construction will embark on digitalizing the urban planning of wards in the imperial city, in the north of Hue, and the residential areas in western An Hoa.

Regarding the detailed plans for the two Huong riverbanks and the pilot project, the representative of the Department of Construction said they have finished with bidding stages to enable the actual implementation of the pilot project, which is expected to start early next year; they have also taken essential steps towards the implementation of detailed plans for the two Huong riverbanks, including organizing conferences, surveying public opinion and specialist advice, both nationwide and abroad, before publicizing the plans.

Story and photos: Tam Hue