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29/12/2019 - 07:44

Italian pizzas in the heart of Hue city

Hue is receiving many dishes from the West to the East such as Japan, Korea…, in which, pizzas, an Italian specialty, is very popular in Hue.

Mr. Huynh Quang Huy guiding children to make pizzas

Pizzas everywhere

Wandering around the West Quarter or big hotels in Hue, it’s easy to find pizzas on every menu. At pizza restaurants, there are countless kinds of pizzas for customers to choose at different prices. A delicious pizza can be served from a few tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands VND.

For those who are in love with pizzas in Hue, Little Italy is a very familiar brand name, which is well-known for making and selling pizzas for Hue local people and tourists.

Mr. Dung, the restaurant’s owner said: “Little Italy is the first Italian restaurant in Hue, and it is also the first place that brings Italian food to Hue ancient capital. Initially, the customers that the restaurant aimed at serving were tourists. However, after finding that this kind of dishes was also the favor of Hue people, especially youngsters, the restaurant often carries out the one price or golden hour programs to give the chances of enjoying pizzas at low prices for many people, especially students”.

With the diversified menu, the table companions will have a great number of options to choose and they will be served with the steaming hot and eye-catching color pizzas with full nutrients. Even with vegetarians, the restaurant can also serve them a vegetarian pizza with vegetables and mushrooms if needed.

Mr. Luan, a chef of Park View Hotel, shared that it is not easy to make a delicious pizza as the step of flour brewing plays an important role to decide a soft and crunchy base while baking and the pizza will not be dry and burned. Furthermore, the materials must also be fresh to make a delicious pizza. For example, cheese is an indispensable ingredient to make pizzas, and this material is often imported from abroad.

Mr. Huynh Quang Huy, the owner of Pizza Huy restaurant on Dinh Tien Hoang street said that he is looking for a source of clean vegetable and tomatoes to serve for the work of pizza making. At this bakery, the young owner usually opens free pizza making classes for kids who love making pizzas, so that they will have chances to experience.

For those who are the connoisseurs of foods

Not only are pizzas made to serve tourists, currently, they are also popular with everybody, especially the younger and kids

Mrs. Mai Hoang, the faithful of pizzas, shared that because she cannot come back home for having lunches, she often orders pizza for its convenience. With GrabFood app, she just makes an order online and the food will be delivered door-to-door, so the eating will be easier, especially on sunny or rainy days.

Mrs. Phuong Loan, a student of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, a person who specializes in hunting pizzas on golden hours to eat with her friends, showed that she has all the phone numbers of all pizza restaurants in Hue; and she has tried most of them. Some of the restaurants serve special pizzas such as Gecko Pub or Pizza Amour, etc.

Although Hue is a small market, this place has a great number of those who are the connoisseur of foods, especially Hue people. It is not easy for a new dish to “come” and “stay” in Hue. However, Italian pizza has gained the popularity of Hue people, and it is developing more and more.

It is expected that this dish will make beautiful impressions on tourists and Hue youngsters so that Hue can be an integrated and developed cultural and gastronomy capital.

Story and photo: Nam Giao