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29/06/2022 - 15:22

Kid Francescoli stirring up Hue

Kid Francescoli is a French electronic pop band, founded in 2002, one of the masters of electronic music that is both mesmerizing and vibrant but also subtly melancholy.

The band Kid Francescoli creating excitement for the night

As part of the events series of Hue Festival Week 2022, on the night of June 28 at the stage in front of Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted, the band Kid Francescoli had a special performance to serve tourists and Hue music lovers.

The band Kid Francescoli is famous for their hit single "Moon" - reaching more than 63 million views on YouTube and breaking records on TikTok - more than 570,000 uses of the music mix. “Moon” has earned the title of gold single for more than 15 million streams outside of France in 2021.

Right on the night of the music, a lot of people and tourists, mainly young people, lined up to wait for the performance of this famous group.

Previously, on the same night show at Quoc Tu Giam stage (23-8 street, Hue city), Hue Opera House also had a performance program to serve tourists and people.

At the music night, special performances were performed by artists from across the country, who took turns performing performances of drums, ensembles, solos, dances, singing and dancing, etc., about Hue as well as the love of the homeland. The program attracted a large number of visitors.

By N. Minh