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09/06/2019 - 16:39

Kite images on the ao dai 

On the evenings of June 8 and 9, the Ao Dai Fashion Show program in the framework of Hue Kite Festival 2019 took place at the stage of Tu Tuong Park.

The drum performance opening for the ao dai fashion show

At the beginning of the art program, the audience was treated to a "Drum Festival" performance performed by Hue Royal Traditional Theatre of Art.

After the throbbing drums, the audience enjoyed nearly 60 ao dai with designs inspired by Hue kites of Viet Bao, the designer.

The first collection of "Sun Wings" was inspired by the image of a phoenix flying in the blue sky. “Phuong” (the phoenix) is one of the four sacred animals (Long, Lan, Quy, Phuong – Dragon, Unicorn, Tortoise, Phoenix), bringing a noble beauty and authority. The phoenix has five colors symbolizing the five virtues of integrity, honesty, fairness, loyalty and tolerance. Under the Nguyen Dynasty, there was a legend that said, whenever the phoenix landed on a parasol tree, peace and prosperity would be brought to the country. It is the harmony of yin and yang in the creation of heaven and earth.

After that, the audience enjoyed the second collection of ao dai with the theme "Kites of childhood" with the performance of professional child models.

Kite is a childhood memory of many generations on vast fields. In the sounds of kite flutes, each ao dai is introduced, bringing the audience back to the beauty of childhood that every person has experienced.

The following images are of the two collections:

Unique "phoenix" image on ao dai of the "Sun Wings" collection

And the designs in the collection of "Kite of childhood"

Story and photos: Duc Quang