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06/01/2020 - 16:23

Korean students volunteer to help Hue cleaner 

In response to the Green Sunday, around 60 Korean students and 140 students of the University of Economics, Hue University carried out a cleaning program together on the morning of January 5 to make a small contribution to help Hue cleaner.

Korean students collecting litter, plastic straws thrown away on Ho Dac Di street, Hue city

According to the representative of the Youth Union of the University of Economics, this is the first time that a cleaning program responding to the Green Sunday becomes an outstanding activity in the cultural exchange and international volunteer programs between Vietnam and Korea. This is the event held by the University of Economics, Hue University in collaboration with Chonbuk National University, Korea.

In the framework of this program, students from the two countries were divided into 4 groups (each group consisted of both Korean and Vietnamese students) to carry out the work of cleaning up litter, broken dry branches along the 1km-long area of Ho Dac Di street.

Lee JongMin, a Korean student shared: “Initially, despite of a large amount of litter, the students from the two countries worked together to clean them up. Because we worked together, we did not feel tired, we just felt delightful. Climate change has impacted the whole world, and protecting the environment is the joint responsibility of everybody, including students; so, these activities are very meaningful. In fact, we were a little bit shy initially. However, with the enthusiasm and friendliness of Vietnamese students, everyone came together and made a meaningful volunteer program”.

According to Mr. Kang HagMo, a representative of the international volunteer delegation of Chonbuk National University, Korea: “There have not been such strong campaigns in Korea yet so participating in this significant program makes us happy. I hope that there will be more and more programs like this to make the global environment purer and cleaner”.

Below are the pictures taken by Thua Thien Hue Online on the morning of January 5:

Korean students were present early to join the program

Sharing plastic gloves among friends

A Korean male student cleaning up the litter

Even the hidden corners were cleaned up by Korean and Vietnamese students

Happily clearing out the litter

English was the language the students of the two countries used to communicate during the time of doing volunteer

Working together help students from the two countries feel the happiness and significance of the work of environment protection

The dry branches on the roadsides were also cleaned up

Each volunteer group consisted of both Korean and Vietnamese students

Putting trash into the dustbins after cleaning them up

By Huu Phuc