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22/04/2021 - 10:56

Late-blooming Azalea

It seems that the late-blooming azaleas on the top of Bach Ma during the season change between Spring and Summer are waiting for the last travelers to come and enjoy the beauty of this flower species in the middle of nature.

Tourists having photos taken beside the azaleas in the time of season change

We returned to Bach Ma by chance on a day during season change. The vehicle was climbing the winding slope, where we could see from a bend the other distant bends under the forest dense foliage.

When the car window was open, an influx of fresh air came in as if it was a gift from the nature. We inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly. The name Do Quyen (azalea) was mentioned. It was the name of a splendid waterfall as well as of a kind of beautiful flowers growing along the slopy paths in the middle of the forest, spreading from the top to the foot of the waterfall.

We did not expect to see the flower at the thought that azaleas only blossomed in spring because it was late in the season and the flowers may have started to wilt. We wondered if it was the end of the azalea season as spring was over.

Going along the path to the waterfall peak, we caught sight of the azalea bushes reaching out to the sun, but there was no flower at all. There was a rising regret as I thought that the exploration of Do Quyen waterfall is a long way off.

But I still kept hoping that there would be the remaining flowers – the last flowers, to sooth me and satisfy my wish to enjoy the aroma of the nature in Bach Ma.

The waterfall top was in the sight. The transparent water from the small holes pouring fiercely through the stones to the foot of the waterfall.

Sinking the face to the water and enjoying the freshness deeply, I felt very pleasant, but I could not stop thinking about the azalea even when I was at a peaceful place where earth meets heaven.

While taking a break before descending the waterfall, I turned round to shape the upcoming route, and to my surprise, the scarlet flowers of azaleas along the nearby stones was in my sight. At first, I thought it was some kind of wild flower instead of azalea, which beautifully reached out.

I hurried, jumping from one stone to another as if there was no danger at all. They were the azaleas, in deed. I counted carefully. There were tens of flowers remaining on the top of the 300-meter-high waterfall. It was fantastic!

Those were azaleas on the top of the waterfall of the same name. I believed that these azaleas remained to entertain the travelers as they wished. I felt happy at this thought.

Groups of visitors, especially those coming from afar, were surprised. They admired the flowers, getting closer to these flowers and breathed the gentle pleasant fragrant while listening to the sound of the water beneath.

Everyone took a chance to have photos taken: people and flowers for panoramas and flowers for close-ups.

When the dark was falling and people started leaving, some of us stayed late by the side of the flowers in the middle of the azalea bushes on the waterfall top. Those flowers, for some reasons, were so attractive to us that we almost immersed ourselves in the silence of the forest.

Despite the pleasure of admiring the azaleas of the upstream, there was a little regret in me. I wished to see the flowers in the water flow down the lowland.

Story and photo: Nhat Minh