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11/10/2019 - 21:25

Launch of the Vietnamese translation of "Art and Artisans of Hue Imperial City"

On the evening of October 9, the French Institute in Hue, the National Institute of Culture and Arts in Hue and Thai Ha Books jointly organized the launch of the Vietnamese translation of the book "Art and Artisans of Hue Imperial City" (Art in Hue) translated by Dr. Le Duc Quang, on the occasion of the book’s 100th anniversary.

Dr. Le Duc Quang talked with readers about the work

"Art and Artisans of Hue Imperial City" (Art in Hue) was initially a special edition of B.A.V.H. [Bulletin of Friends of Ancient Hue] (No. 1, 1919, edited by L. Cadière), and was then reprinted to become an independent piece of work with 398 pages, including 176 pages and 222 index pages presenting vivid drawings and illustrations in black and white. The book is considered to be one of the first and rare scientific studies on visual arts in Hue since 1919.

Dr. Tran Dinh Hang, Director of the National Academy of Culture and Arts in Hue emphasized: “Hue imperial city gathered many unique cultural heritages of the whole country during the Nguyen Dynasty. Visual arts, especially the decorative and fine arts of Hue, afforded artisans opportunities to express their talents, ingenuity and aspirations with unique symbolic meanings and ideological values of the time.

The goodwill and talent of Western intellectuals gathered in a special academic association with special people and special methods in AAVH (The Association of Friends of Ancient Hue) with BAVH, to survey and identify characteristic Hue traditional values; and Art in Hue is a typical case”.

By Minh Hien