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26/09/2018 - 20:13

Launching the contest: “Innovate like Swede”

This activity was held by the Embassy of Sweden in collaboration with Swedish enterprises in Vietnam and Hue University on the morning of September 25.

The representative of organization board introduces some information related to the contest

The contest aims to sustainably develop the theme: sustainable urban and rural development with resilience and guarantee for safe living, working environment and logical allocation of population and labors by region. The participants are students from the first year to fifth year attending universities in Vietnam. The candidates will write articles about the solution ideas relating to the above theme in English. The deadline is October 28, 2018.

This is an activity responding to the Vietnam National Action Plan to implement 2030 agenda for sustainable development initiated by the United Nations. This activity is held amid the urgency in offering innovative solutions in the process of economic and social development, protecting natural resources and environment to respond to challenges that Vietnam is facing from negative effects of climate change, air, land and water pollution, as well as minimizing exploitation and effectively using the resources, energy, etc.

Sweden is well known for its Nobel Prize, and this is the country having a long history of inventions such as: the invention of Anders Celsius’s C thermometer in early 18th century, and Skype invention in 2013. There are many inventions of Sweden that have changed the world such as: Dynamite explosives, pacemakers, ultrasound scans, HIV virus surveillance equipment, air conditioners, Tetra Pak cartons for preserving milk and fruit juice and global positioning system technology (GPS), etc.

Story, photo: Huu Phuc