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08/07/2019 - 16:27

Launching the poem book “Colors of the loving Hue”

The Hue Poetry Club on Facebook has just launched the poem book “Colors of the loving Hue” on the occasion of the 1th year anniversary of establishment on July 7.

Reciting the emotional poems about Hue

The Hue Poetry page on Facebook was established on July 8, 2018, creating the playground, as well as the place for poetry lovers all over the country to both exchange feelings, emotions and mark their affections about the poetic Hue land. Initially, there were just several members. However, up to now, the poetry club has 1.420 members, including a club management board with 14 members chaired by Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoc.

On this occasion, the Hue Poetry Club on Facebook launched the first poem book “Colors of the loving Hue” which is over 300-page thick with 233 poems of 73 authors. With the theme of hometown, especially the love for Hue, “Colors of the loving Hue” is the poem book formed by the love for Hue, the love of poetry lovers.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Ngoc, Head of the Hue Poetry Club on Facebook, the poem book is a sky of nostalgia, a sea of love, as well as a garden of confiding songs, which are sincere, gentle and pure when telling about Hue people and the homeland.

Story, photo: Trang Hien