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26/06/2022 - 14:46

Launching the series of Kieu paintings on Hue porcelain enamels

20 Kieu paintings made with Hue porcelain enamels technique are now on display at An Dinh palace on the morning of June 25 after a long period of effectuation.

Do Huu Triet introducing 1 of the 20 Kieu paintings on Hue porcelain enamels to viewers

These paintings made by Do Huu Triet and his associates at Phap Lam Hue Ltd. Company over a long period of time stemmed from the ideas of a group of people who love Hue and its culture.

The 20 paintings are replicated from the original illustrations by artist Manh Hung in the book "The Tale of Thuy Kieu", published by the printing house Ngo Tu Ha (Hanoi) in 1925. Each painting is accompanied by one verse in the story of Kieu. The artists kept the lines and layout of the original illustrations but included more colors with the technique of porcelain enamel.

The art of porcelain enamel in Hue flourished during the reigns of Emperors Minh Mang, Thieu Tri, and Tu Duc. By the time of Emperor Dong Khanh, it gradually declined and disappeared completely.

In the early 2000s, a number of research groups made efforts to restore the technique of making Hue porcelain enamel, to serve the process of monument restoration, and to revive a unique Hue art that had been lost. 

Among them, the research work of Do Huu Triet and his associates at Phap Lam Hue Ltd. Company has achieved very impressive results.

By N. Minh