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06/10/2017 - 20:38

Launching the “Thuy Bieu in the morning – Tam Giang in the afternoon” tour

In the afternoon of October 5, Huetourist Company collaborated with Tourism Department, local authorities and households in Thuy Bieu (Hue City) and Phu An (Phu Vang) to hold a launching ceremony of the tour named "Thuy Bieu in the morning- Tam Giang in the afternoon”.

Experiencing the dishes made from Thanh Tra grapefruit in the launching ceremony 

This tour will be held everyday. In the morning, tourists will go on a sightseeing tour of Thanh Tra grapefruit gardens, enjoy Thanh Tra grapefruits’ flavor right in exuberant orchards - local speciality of Thuy Bieu; experience one day as a farmer, bicycle to tour the countryside, enjoying the fresh aroma of country flowers; experience a farmer’s day or together with local people prepare the simple lunch with fresh food right in the garden.

Tourists experience a farmer’s work in Thuy Bieu 

In the afternoon, tourists will come back to Tam Giang Lagoon; explore Chuon Lagoon; experience wonderful moments with the miraculous color changes of water and waves; experience along with local people as fishermen with many activities such as: spreading a net, harvesting seafood from the net, etc; have dinner at Chuon Lagoon with seafood caught from Tam Giang Lagoon; contemplate sunset beauty on Tam Giang Lagoon, etc. At these 2 destinations, they also serve Homestay service for tourists who want to stay overnight.

This is a new tourist tour, contributing to a variety of products serving tourists coming to Hue in the future.

Story, photos: Duc Quang