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27/06/2022 - 16:47

Learning about the 9th art with the paintings of Dany artist

With the lively colors and humorous strokes, 25 selected artworks of artist Dany would be introduced to the viewer through the exhibition “Sharing heritage together - Introduction about DANY artist”.

“Checking-in” with the artwork displayed at the exhibition

Being a part of the Hue Festival 2022, this activity, held by the Wallonie-Bruxelles delegation in Vietnam, in collaboration with the organizing committee of the Hue Festival, was opened on the afternoon of June 26 at the Hue City Center of Culture, Information and Sports (23-25 Le Loi st., Vinh Ninh Ward).

Manga art is a highlight in the cultural heritage of the French community of Belgium, in which, artist Dany (real name is Daniel Henrotin) is one of the most famous manga artists in this community.

In 1968, his first manga series “Olivier Rameau” was a huge success. After that, he was also won many prestigious awards such as the Saint-Michel Consolation prize for young artists in humorous painting style (1971); the Saint-Michel prize for the most excellent painting of the manga series “Following the footprints of Vampire, episode 3: Transylvania” (2007), etc.

Taking place until July 3, with the distinct identity of humor, the exhibition “Sharing Heritage together – Introduction about DANY artist” not only helps to discover the 9th art but also promises to bring the imprint of European manga closer to the viewer.

By Mai Hue