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20/05/2019 - 07:32

Life savers at sea

Save people in grave danger         

A day in early April, still dawn, at the mouth of Bu Lu river (Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district), many fishermen who had just went ashore after a night of fishing stood helplessly watching the small boat with Mr. Phan Van Cuong, their colleague, was left behind and sunk into the tough waves.

Chan May border guard station deploying search and rescue in Tan Canh Duong beach. Photo: M. Le

Upon being informed, the border guard station of Chan May port issued an alarm. Major Le Van Tien, Head of Station, immediately organized a force of officers, soldiers and medical staff to the rescue. No sooner had they arrived than the boat was swallowed by the waves and the fishermen were entirely exhausted.

Holding each other’s hands tightly, the border guards formed a firm “human fence”, dividing into two teams, moving little by little, conquering the big waves to haul the victims and the boat ashore. On the beach, Mr. Cuong's wife and children, and relatives, as well as many fishermen were holding their breath waiting, then bursting out with joy and happiness.

“When my boat was in danger, a big boat tried to go back to rescue, but the waves were too tough for them to work it out. I was so exhausted, clutching to the boat, which was jumping up and down in the waves. Every time I was up out of the water, I breathed in swiftly. I even began to think of the moment when the boat was completely sunk, then my 5 children at home would become fatherless. Luckily, the border guards came just in time to save me,” Mr. Cuong recalled emotionally.

Second Lieutenant Pham Minh Lan, First Lieutenant Ho Anh Ngoc and their colleagues, who have many times struggled with the waves to save people as well as boats, smiled humbly and simply said that the water was very cold at the time, the waves were very tough and they faced with a very dangerous situation, but since the lives and property of fishermen were under threat, they would take action by all means no matter how difficult and dangerous it was.

Lang Co border guards rescue stalled boats in the middle of the sea. Photo: Quynh Anh

Before that, on the 15th of January, as soon as being notified that the boat and fishing gears of Mr. Le Thanh were sunk by the waves (Mr. Thanh and his son had abandoned the boat, trying to swim to the shore) in the sea area of ​​An Cu Dong 1 residential group, Lang Co town, Lang Co border guards came immediately to the rescue.

“We informed the local authorities, reported to the Provincial Border Guard Command and the whole station, at the same time mobilized 30 officers and soldiers to the scene. Our brothers, were just about to hit the meal, immediately abandoned it and ran to the sea to save the people and their property”, said Lieutenant Colonel Phung The Anh, Head of Station. After two hours struggling with the wind and waves, the soldiers and the people managed to bring the boat ashore and safely take it to the anchorage.

Just half a month later, a stalled boat carrying 3 people drifting on the sea area of ​​Lap An residential group, Lang Co town, facing great danger in harsh weather with big wind and tough waves, was also timely rescued by Lang Co border guards.

Compassion and responsibility

Having done countless patrols, Major Nguyen Dinh Phuc, Deputy Head of Lang Co border station, Lieutenant Nguyen Minh Khanh Vu, Second Lieutenant Nguyen Van Cuong and others found the one they did last 22nd of March the most unforgettable.

While patrolling the area near the top of Hai Van pass, at the area of Don Nhat bridge in Hai Van residential group, Lang Co town, they discovered a serious accident. One of the 3 British tourists while climbing the waterfall had slipped, slammed his head against the stone and was seriously injured.

The local authorities, police force, and the hospital were informed and a patrol team, including medical staff, immediately approached the scene to provide first aid and find ways to bring the victim out of the waterfall area to the ambulance, which had been waiting on the highway to take the victim to the big hospital in Da Nang for emergent treatment.

It is difficult and dangerous to just walk on slippery moss-grown rocks, let alone when one has to carry a heavy stretcher. However, because of the health and life of the victim, they pressed their feet firmly on the stone, cautious in every step while also urgently trying to save every precious moment. The letter of thanks the tourist wrote upon recovering was an encouragement for the border guards to strive to accomplish the tasks entrusted by the Party and the people.

It was because of the peace of life and the people that urged Major Hoang Van Dung, Deputy Head of Lang Co border station and dozens of officers and soldiers to immediately approach the scene, to forget themselves in rescuing the victims in the serious traffic accident on Hai Van pass in early 2019.

That day, a coach carrying the students of Kien Giang College of Economics and Technology on their practicum in the Central provinces lost control, falling to the abyss of ​​Hai Van pass, causing 1 dead, 20 injured, including a female student whose left arm was cut off.

When the broken arm was still not found yet, the border guards already had proactively had a foam box and ice sent to the scene. “The victim is still so young. If she lost her arm, how would her life and future be?" Major Dung (who found and personally followed the preserved arm carefully to the hospital) said. How happy they were when doctors were able to reattach the arm, giving back a normal body to the student so that she can continue chasing after her dreams.

With their compassion and responsibility, officers and soldiers of the border guard station of Chan May port wholeheartedly cooperated with local authorities and the people to search for the body of Ngo Ha Sinh, from Dien Ban, Quang Nam province, who died rescuing two students of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy who were drowned while swimming at Tan Canh Duong beach.

Major Van Le Lam Duc, Commissar of Chan May station said that all of his colleagues were grieved by the great pain suffered by the victim’s father. They divided into many groups, boarding onto canoes and ships to go searching.

At night, they had to eat instant noodles right on the beach. It was over 1 a.m., when the victim's body was found and taken ashore. The border guards also donated their own money and went to every house and shop on the beach to ask for donation. Initially, 18 million VND was collected, helping Sinh’s family to bring his body home, since his family also faces financial difficulties.

By Quynh Anh