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06/07/2020 - 15:47

Listening to online Trinh Cong Son’s music

Different from the vibe of outdoor music nights held all over the country, Trinh Cong Son's music this time was held on the basis of live technology. In District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, the music night with the theme "Trinh Cong Son - the stories told" was held in a cozy auditorium on the evening of July 3.

Tran Manh Tuan, a saxophonist, presenting the song of the late composer Trinh

However, those tunes are not confined in a small space but spread to listeners and viewers with a lot of indescribable emotions through online streaming technology with the same quality as direct watching. Like Hue people - the hometown of the late composer Trinh Cong Son, millions of music lovers all over the world can view such technology directly.

The music night would just took place at 8 p.m. but the interface of the live view screen on and showed that the number of visitors was increasing every second. From a few hundred, a few thousand, to a few tens of thousands. Not stopping there, there were thousands of shares via Facebook, press agencies and social networking users.

“I rarely follow these online programs. Being invited here, I had asked Mr. Tran Manh Tuan first to know. And when I came to this cozy space, I liked it very much,” Trinh Vinh Trinh, singer, (younger sister of the late composer Trinh Cong Son) opened the talk, before the music night started.

The special guest Trinh Vinh Trinh said that unlike outdoor concerts which limited to a certain number of audience, now, with modern technology, there will be so many people approaching and listening to the melody of Trinh Cong Son’s music. "Although being in a small space, with modern technology, the view is not small," Trinh Vinh Trinh said.

Sharing with the audience the role of being a singer singing the music her brother composed, Trinh Vinh Trinh said, "I am very happy to sing the music he wrote. But also because I am his sister, I feared that he would be dissatisfied. Luckily, Son gave me his feedback and he was satisfied, so I was very happy".

With the extremely high-quality sound system, along with the professional live system, listeners from all regions in turn experienced the immortal melodies of the late songwriter Trinh through the interfering performance of two generations connected with his music.

Trinh Vinh Trinh - younger sister of the late composer Trinh Cong Son, a special guest, sharing at the concert

An Tran, saxophonist, the “hot” couple Hoang Trang - Nguyen Dong, Duc Tuan, singer, Tran Manh Tuan, saxophonist, Vinh Tam, guitarist, Vu Trong Hieu, pianist, Minh Hien, bassist, and so on floated in each tune. Each one has a style, one by one, the music played in the audience's admiration such as “Ta da thay gi trong dem nay” (What did we see tonight), “Ngu di con” (Sleep tight, my dear), “Xin cho toi” (Please give me), “Toi oi dung tuyet vong” (Don't despair, myself), “Em con nho hay em da quen” (Do you remember or do you forget), “Dau chan dia dang” (Eden Footprints), “Ha trang” (White summer), “Diem xua” (The old-time lady Diem), “Mot coi di ve” (A world to go back), etc.

Sending the greetings to the online audience before performing the song “Ha trang” with his daughter, the saxophonist Tran Manh Tuan said he used to play this song since he did not know who the composer was. Later on, when he had the opportunity to meet Trinh Cong Son, he was so surprised. “Mr. Son's music has spread to many people of all ages. Similarly, the performers, one by one, to the very end, blew into the souls of Son's music. I was fortunate to become a brother whom the musician loved and had special affection for”, Tran Manh Tuan, the saxophonist, said.

Watching online from Hue, the hometown of the late composer Trinh Cong Son, many people shared that they were immersed in a space that is both modern and classic, both vibrant and warm. It's been a long time, Trinh Cong Son's music night has not returned to Hue, so the live music night was organized in Ho Chi Minh City, is what being expected by many people.

“Before that, many music nights of the musician Trinh Cong Son had to be canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic. Hue Festival 2020 would be held in April and there would be a music night, but things did not go as expected. This music night for me is very special, not only the music of the musician but also the way to organize,” said Nguyen Bich Hien (54 years old, Hue City) - a Trinh music lover.

Story and photos: Nhat Minh